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Any NHE Followers Around?


I’ve been on Anabolic Diet for 5 weeks now and i love it so far. However, i’ve read the book by Rob Faigin called Natural Hormonal Enhancement and i think it is time to trick my diet. Currently i am slightly above my maintenance calories (3450 vs ~3300 daily) and i do my carb refeeds on sundays during the whole day.

I want to start bulking steadily but when i add some more calories, i do gain some fat along with muscles. I think, that if i adopt NHE style carb re-feeds, which are twice a week and last only 1-2 meals, this may minimize the fat gain and i will be able to gain muscles faster. However, i have a few questions for those of you who followed it:

  • what macro breakdown do you use while on NHE? Is it ok to use 35% Pro, 65% Fat and <30g Cho as per Anabolic Diet? I am asking because there no recommendations for macro breakdown in the book, since Rob tried to make this diet easy to follow.

  • Is it ok to use BCAA’s or Whey protein on this diet? They seem to be insulinogenic so to say, and i think we have to avoid any spikes of this hormone.

I would appreciate any input!