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Any News Yet On 4-AD or Methoxy 7

I am sure by now you are tired of posts like this but…

I am just curious if anyone has heard what the good word is on the improvements on 4-AD-ED and Methoxy 7. I was wondering if I should order some or if the new versions will be available soon. Any info is welcomed, even if it is just a smart ass comment…Shugs I’m sure you’ve got one! Thanks, can’t wait for the new stuff.

T-mag and Biotest forever!

i’m curious too…about the Methoxy 7 anyway…i’d really like to give this stuff a try. i’ve read too many good things about it :wink: in the meantime its EAS til Biotest. waits patiently you guys are da best.

How about now?

I spoke to customer service last week, and they had no idea when the new methoxy would be out (for whatever that is worth).

How about a nice tall glass of SHUT THE HELL UP!!! J/K! I just love using that line. T-mag and Biotest seem to like keeping the cat in the bag until the last week before they begin sales so don’t hold your breath. It’s pretty much bulking season anyway so just order Mag-10 and bulk until the new 4-AD and Methoxy come out.