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Any News on the Book Coach?


^ THIS. Been hanging out!


Tuesday is the launch


awesome, thanks for the update


Any idea where it’s being sold and the price?


Tomorrow’s it gents

Xmas come early again, I’m sure CT won’t dissapoint… :slight_smile:


It will be available tomorrow at https://maximummusclebible.com



As a preview…how would you rank this book against all the greats you’ve written before? Is it THE bible, reflecting your current view/wisdom gained last few years?

cant wait sir


BTW for a limited time, everybody who buys the new book will get pdf copies of my book High threshold Muscle Building and Paul Carter’s Base Building


The fact that it’s a joint venture gives a lot of material from both Paul and I. We share many similar views but also different ones meaning that you will get more than if you just bought a book by either one of us.

It does include 2 chapters that detail my up to date knowledge and the rest is knowledge that I still apply and that most people can use in their own training


I can vouch for the Base Building book, its a quality purchase all on its own. Dont own CT’s other book but I look forward to getting this package to get both of those as well.


Just purchased the book. 11 to 21 days shipping. Look forward to the read.


In the future it wont be that long. We just have to print the first batch…

BTW I also created a barbell that is pretty kick ass


You trying to break the T Nation mainframe with a statement like that?

That should be interesting to see what you’ve done to the barbell


Not at all. I am a fan of barbells and have been wanting to design my own for a long time. My friend owns an equipment company and we made that happen… don’t read too much out of it! :wink:

The barbell is design to be a very good barbell for olympic lifting and also usable for strength work and Crossfit… quality bearings, no middle knurling,good but not excessive whip, lifetime warranty but at a low price.


Looks great too. If I ever need a second bar I will consider it.

PS - will the book with Paul ever come out as an ebook? I prefer that format for a variety of reasons, but I understand if that’s not in the works for this book.


Everybody and their mother have an ebook nowadays. Doing a hardcopy book proves that you are committed. Of course we will make less money from a hardcopy (we might sell less and with a lower profit margin) but we wanted something “real”; a statement.

Will it ever be an ebook? Possibly, but only if the hardcopy does well.


Very true, and there are other benefits as well (piracy being a big one). I do like ebooks for their portability and searchability, also less paper, maybe those of us who purchase the hard copy can get an ebook later on.


I’m pretty sure that it’s something that we can arrange.

I personally cannot read an ebook, I have to print it out and when I do that a Staples and have it binded its ends up doubling the cost of the book!


coach , il y aura une version en français (comme le black book) et distribué en europe ?


Seulement en phase 2