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Any New Zealanders Out There?


I'm in New Zealand and ordered some spike & so on. how long are we commonly waiting on this stuff?


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Standard shipping for international orders is five business days.



Anywhere from 5-10 days
Mostly depends on how long it spends in NZ customs


Not too sure mate. No one i've come across in NZ has used Spike. PM me and let me know how it goes.

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I got confirmation of my order on the 11th of january...just wondering if there's likely to have been a mix up along the line somewhere or if it's just a matter of waiting?


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thanks for the reply, I got confirmation of my order on the 11th of january. Just wondering whether it's a matter of waiting or if somewhere along the line there has been a problem


what are you training for?


What? T-Nation ships international now?




Yeah buddy! I'm a yank that lived in NZ for a long time. You boys are some hard core, tough sum bitches! Learned how to play rugby and trained with some hard core dudes. You guys need a T cell in New Zealand! Nothing gets the test flowin' like watching the All Blacks dance the haka before a match.


i spent the last year in NZ..the haka is..like cool the first 2 times you watch it..and then its just kinda like "oh, thats nice."

The New Haka is a lot cooler, except the gay ass "cutting edge of sports" throat slash that they end with.


Yeah, took about 5 days max.

NZ customs processed it pretty fast, but stung me with GST and import duty... which reminds me, I have to find out the value-limit to avoid paying GST on my next order. (Do any kiwis out there know?)


why don't you like the throat cutting gesture?


Ok here are lots of answers:

I have ordered several times from this website, normally on a Friday. I get the stuff at my workplace Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning one time that I ordered on US Labour weekend.

I have ordered Spike and it gets through customs with no problem whatsoever.

If I can remember rightly, orders over 400NZD get you pinged for gst. So far I have managed to avoid that entirely. They have all the relevant info on the customs website: customs.govt.nz


it's just kinda old and overdone.

Although, what really made me dislike it was that the inventor wasnt even honest. Surely a throat slash says "we're going to kill you." Thats ok with me, its sport. But he tried to say "no no no, its not that we're going to slaughter you..its that this is the cutting edge of sports."

How does that make sense? A throat slash represents the highest level of competition?


yeah I'm with you on the bullshit excuses afterwards...he should've just told them the truth, that it's intimidation at its finest.


I ordered some supps online before and it took about 2 weeks before I received it. Customs held it for a week.


the whole thing was all twisted.
i had to send them some form of id but the emails telling me so were sent to my junk mail & that's why the stuff was taking so long!