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any new york city personal trainers on here?

Hey folks,

Ok, I want to become a personal trainer and turn some of this knowledge I’ve gained from t-mag and other sources into an income stream for myself. I’m willing to work at a crappy gym to get started, but I’m wondering if I really need to get certified or not to get a job. I have no work experience in the field. I’ve looked at a bunch of personal training certifications, and I’ve decided the NSCA CPT is the one I want, because it appears to be a serious thing, not just some bs test, you really have to know your stuff. But the test isn’t offered in this area until august or something, and I want to make money NOW! :slight_smile: Should I do some bs certifcation in the meantime, just so I can start working? Or will I be able to find a job at new york sports club or some similar place without any certification, and then pick up the NSCA later on? Opinions? I guess what I worry about is that I’ll pay a bunch of money for a certification and then not be able to find a job because I have no experience. I paid 300 bucks for a bartenders license once, and it didn’t help me find a job because you need experience, so I don’t want to get burned again. Thanks guys…


Nick, Check out Equinox in NYC stress in the interview that you want to learn everything there is to know about personal training. Although, its a health club. Its the best place to start! Especially, if you are willing to learn and make money at the same time. Thats where I got my start in NYC. If you apply at the Wall St. location mention my name.

In Health,

Silas C.

Wow dude, that’s so nice of you, thanks! Do you think I should just go in there, give them a call, or do the whole send them the resume thing and mention your name in the cover letter? Do I need to know your last name or will silas alone be enough? Thanks again!