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Any New Thoughts for In-Season Athlete?


Jim have your in-season thoughts changed/evolved from earlier recomendations?
Like pro5 or fsl or keep running pr’s???
In season athlete (football to basketball to track). Wanting to continue gaining strength and awesomeness.

Day 1
Squat 531
Bench 531
Superset dips/chins 3x10

Day 2
Deadlift 531
Press 531
Ghr and roman chair (3×10)

I feel like we need some rows and facepulls somewhere. But when is too much?
Basketball is in full stride now.


Guess we could superset or triset them in between our main lifts.


Yep will work well -see here…


Appreciate the post, I have read that before, but really wanting know if Jim would approach in season any differently (present vs past)


What you do in-season is largely determind on what you do out of season. This upcoming in-season will be vastly different due to Krypteia. So take that into account.

Also, you have to be fluid in your programming and have plenty of “outs” that allow you to make progress and not tire the kids out. And as I’ve said 1,000,000 times: do the absolute LEAST you need to do in order to make progress. This is kind of “training 101” for any athletic strength coach but it always bears repeating. Also, much has to do with actual practicing/coaching they go through and how that is approached. I have “indicators” to look at for when to cut shit out/lower volume/remove exercises so you should have those too.

But to answer your question directly - some things have changed greatly with Krypteia so It’s hard to answer. The bottom line is don’t overthink this stuff too much. Be smart, never, ever miss weights and understand that you want them to get stronger but…


Once you get through your head, everything becomes easier.