Any New Science for Cycle Assist/Liver Protection?

Has there been any updated/scientific backing to any cycle assist/liver protection supplements as of recent? Anything that’s a must for anyone running an oral? I’ve always heard milk thistle and Hawthorne but from what I understand there isn’t any real scientific data saying it works.

@physioLojik? @unreal… forgot his name ?

I swear by tudca and nac. I ran both while using winstrol for 4 weeks at 50mg/day and bloods came back great.

N-acetyl-cysteine? (Nac)


Iv never used milk thistle iv heard mixed things about it.

Sure. I’ve heard of all the supplements before I’m just looking for scientific proof mostly because it’s usually just anecdotal reports of people saying it works. Which could mean anything ya know ?

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Of all the cycles I’ve done I’ve never ran an oral before. Basically got some winny for free and wanna give it a run for 4 weeks so trying to mitigate the damage as much as possible

Im fairly certain there is some backing behind nac. I think it has to do more with repairing the liver more then protecting it. Iv seen some ncbi article and I know doctors have used it for Tylenol overdoses. I honestly havent dug real deep I was reccomended the combination of the two (tudca, nac) and it worked so I didn’t really bother to dig much deeper.

My bloods were almost perfect 2 weeks after winstrol. I never got bloods during winstrol to see how bad they were to compare tho.

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I did 50mg/day winstrol for 6 weeks and got bloods two months later and they were fine.