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Any New Epic Training Systems Around the Corner?

Hello coach as a 2a stimulus addict you know we need some new, crazy hyped system that will 5x growth :wink:

I was thinking back to 2008-2012? And T-nation was laying out hype after hype with things like Ibodybuilder, the indigo boot camps (took all these t-nation guys and had like 3 day tests), darrryl lee being trained, etc.

I remember the perfect rep and anacanda…lots of marketing but worked damn well. Rember being so excited when they released lol! Sucker or not that kinda content produces great dopamine release.

The programs were also pretty good.

Seems like t-nation is much less hypish these days. Think we’ll see some new reovlutoinary periworkout + training system around the corner?? (x3 bar & crossfit dont count haha)


I don’t think any of us (coaches/authors) ever sit down and thing “I need to create the new revolutionary system”. We (at least those of us who are intellectually honest) write about what we do and use with our clients; what we find out to work great. We will sometimes create programs that are based on these methods (Best Damn workout for example). The way they are presented can make them appear revolutionary. If “BDWN” had been presented the same way as IBB was, it would also have been seen as a revolutionary program because it is just as unconventional as IBB was and even more effective (in my experience).

But I think that the field is elsewhere. People more than ever prefer to be educated rather than excited.

As for a new peri-workout protocol or a next big thing as far as supplement strategies is concerned, the fact is that PLAZMA is, at the moment, not something that you can really improve. The ingredients combo and their ratios (especially electrolyte ratio) is darn near perfect. Unless we suddenly discover a brand new ingredient, I don’t personally see anything new on the horizon.

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Very cool. Presentation is huge…if some of your more recent “strength-skill” oriented programs were described as a novel way of gaining size using high sets/low reps, everyone would hop on that haha.

But your neurotype stuff is the next frontier for sure. Nice education/insights as well