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Any Need to Take L-Glutamine?


Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey contains 4g of glutamine. Is there any need to take L-glutamine aswell pre and post workout?



I wouldn't say it's essential. Some people don't feel any benefit from it, friends of mine never train with out 15 g of it. Probably the best thing to do is give it a go for a period of time with 10g (approx) extra per workout. See how it makes you feel. Everyone's different. For a good read on it search for Poliquin's articles.

Hope that helps.


Ye thanks for replying mate!
Appreciate it :slightly_smiling:


If anything id be taking more l-leucine. If you are already getting enough l-leucine then i might would take some l-glutamine. Couldn't hurt.....


Poliquin suggests high doses of glutamine (20-40g) and glycine PWO in place of carbs for people who have high body-fat %

i believe that smaller doses of glutamine (5-10g) can be used before bed and first thing in the morning to help raise natural GH levels as well


Waste of time. It's all in a protein shake. Why buy the components of a protein shake separately.


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Do you mean that the glutamine will not be absorbed from a protein shake?


BBB do you advocate glutamine? I know CT is big believer in it. As for Poliquin I am unsure. I think I ran across some old threads and "barrticles" where glutamine is debunked and noted to be a waste. Though I have taken it and have felt nothing. I was on lower dosages around 5g.


what is the difference between Glutamine and L-Glutamine??

my nutritionist recommended them on pre and post shakes, i 've never used seperated componnents before.




mmm, care to elaborate a little bit ?


I'll tell you somewhere else because I cant here


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I didn't understand by gut health at first so thanks for clearing that up. Can't the body also break it down into sugars via gluconeogensis? Wouldn't that be muscle sparing in a sense? Also what about the whole akg deal. I understand the theory merit behind it but like creatine ethyl ester, hasn't really shown any results.


I also use glutamine as Bushy has said. In addition to gut health (for a while it will make your have rumbling belly/diarrhoea but you will acclimatise and it will help you) it is also excitatory, meaning it makes me feel more alert


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kind of off-topic, but is it possible to improvegut health with a good dose of glutamine and potentially ward off diverticulitis problems?


Oh right, I accept what you say, but unless placebo, I take glutamine pre-workout, and have really noticed great 'invigoration', any ideas?