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Any Nail Benders?

just wondering if anyone here has purchased the nail bending package over at iron mind, and if so, what they thought about it? Im always looking to improve my grip strength and was thinking about buying these.


Been looking at the nails myself. Good concept but I see the nails as the test… not the means or method.

ya i hear ya. i guess the real test would be the “red” nail thats supposed to be ridiculous. im wondering how expensive it would be too, i mean after you bend a nail its done, so buying all those nails could add up quickly.

Yeah the nail kit is awsome! well worth the money, the Red nail is one scary beast, the white level one nail will still take some decent strength to bend, but they only get much harder, the blue nail number two is a BEAST! I love it!

You don’t have to get the kit from Ironmind to reap the benefits of bending. Get some lengths of cold-rolled steel and cut them with bolt cutters. Much cheaper. Or buy the Bender’s Bag from John Beatty at Fat Bastard Barbell Co.


Get something to wrap it with though, either the Ironmind pads or some leather. There’s a whole forum devoted to bending at the Gripboard. Check it out, lots of good info.