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Any musicians here?

Hey any T-musicians in the house? If so, what kind of music and what are the tools of your trade? Rock/Blues guitar here. Les Paul, and Jackson Surfcaster into a Marshall TSL100 head and 1960A 4x12 cabinet (nicknamed “Big Gun”). I also have a bevy of homemade analog effects. Let’s hear it! --Alex

I use to play the violin still do every now and then. I know you guys probably think its a gay instrument but I am glad that I did it I have a 10000 violin from Cromna (sp?), Italy. Bought it for 5000 don’t know how much its worth now. I am asuming a lot more then 10 grand. I played for 20 years off and on… I also use to sing bass II. In high school and college.

Guitar here too, too many styles to list though. I’m too lazy to list all my gear; my (best) amp is a Mesa Dual Rectifier head (new 3 channel one) on 2 2x12 Rectifier cabs (I don’t have a car big enough to move a 4x12!).

Rock. :slight_smile:

Sweet setup. The Mesa Dual Recto screams rock! Definitely a better choice than the triple recto. That’s baby’s overkill. Say, would you be interested in some handmade analog effects? :slight_smile:

Electric bass. Seven years total, two years as a gigging pro, and if I never step on stage again, I’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

Guitar player. Been playing for around 8 years. Haven’t been playing much lately due to the fact that I am sick of having no one to play music with, but I am starting to get back into it.

Aw man, the stage is the place to BE! The rush of performing can’t be beat. BTW, tell Michelle I didn’t mean what I said about bass players…at least not all of them. :slight_smile:

Take care.

I have 5 guitars including a Fender Strat Plus(American made) A les Paul and a cort ES-355 style guitar. My main Influences are David Gilmour, Peter Green, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and the three kings. I have a Crate Vintage series amp w/ 2-12’s and I play searing chicago style blues. Any Bay Area T-Brood up for a jam session.

I am a singer in a girl’s group! I don’t play any instruments but my voice is my musical instrument. Laaaaaaaa…=)

Play drums here. Nothing too impressive to list in terms of equipment. I have a five-piece Pearl kit, but will be upgrading before too long once I get a good drum room set up. I prefer to play in a kind of fusion’y mix of funk/rock/jazz, but love pretty much all music… with the exception of country and metal/punk.

I played saxophone for 10 years, jazz and blues music. I was going to go to university for it until the weight training bug hit me and I decided to go inot kinesiology. I have a 1972 Mark 6 saxophone worth about 6 grand. It is the best kind of saxophone that there it. I don;t really think any of you will know/give a damn about saxophones but I mentioned it on the off chance that there was someone who was knowledgeable in this area.
:slight_smile: Groove

Believe it or not, I was actually a music major. I played trombone, mostly jazz, for about a dozen years or so. I even won an award for musical composition. Now that I’ve admitted my shameful secret, you’ll all understand why I work for a fraternity and am planning on going to law school.

By the way, do you guys know the difference between a musician and a 12" pizza? - A 12" pizza can feed a family of four.

electronic music

Reed man here. I play (in this order) alto saxophone, flute, and bass clarinet. I play mostly jazz music as it’s my other passion besides weight training.

To Groove: That's a sweet horn, man. Nice to know there are some other musicians on this board.

Yah man it served me well while I was still playing. I went to an arts school for high school and this meant that on top of a regular schedule I had an extra period and a half of music every day. Performance, theory, history etc. I did this for four years and it just burnt me out. I don;t play anymore and I have no intention to. I am actually looking to sell my horn so if you know anyone who might be interested let me know.

:slight_smile: groove

yeah, yeah, yeah… smile

Guitar/Vocals here used to be in a pretty good band but lost all of that when i joined the army

Did I mention that our 5th bass player flaked out and quit a couple months ago? sigh :slight_smile:

Dunno how we pick 'em…