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Any Mountain Bikers?


I started the hobby in the summer after I wrecked my Suzuki Katana (R.I.P.) and I am absolutely hooked. I picked up a Trek 4500 a few days ago and I am loving it. Disc brakes are a huge improvement over the standard ones.

For those who are form IL/IN...
I'm sure most of you have heard of the Palos Hills mountain bike trails. Definitely one of the best spots in the state.

I figured for those of you who are in Indiana/Chicagoland area, we could arrange some sort of meet-up. My buddy and I have been hitting the trails all summer and as they say, the more, the merrier.


I remember when I was into it I was hitting 8' drop onto flat with my hardtail Norco lol. It's a fun hobby and great exercise. It's only really expensive when you get past the bike.


I'm really curious about trying it out when I move soon, but it seems really, really scary, hahaha.


You'll eat shit a few times.. and then you will realize you aren't made out of glass. Once all the worry goes away, the jumps/landings become second nature. It's honestly easy to pick up..

Also, Michigan has crazy trails- from beginner to expert level.


I have a Le Toy III sitting in my parents barn, equipped with Primo Powerbite cranks, a 170mm '06 Marz 66, Gusset Prison Bars, and Halo Combat rims (Woodman Bill Extrm rear hub). It's my dream freeride bike. But I don't ride it :frowning: it was too expensive to drive to the mountain and way too heavy to do actual mountain biking with (i.e. climbing hills). Maybe when I have a real job again I can afford driving 2hrs every weekend and a season pass. Or buy a nice rideable XC rig.

But enjoy the bug Ragana. It is a lot of fun and will build you a nice set of calves and some obscene teardrops.


Got me a Norco Manik. Love it. Alas, I spend more time riding to and from work rather than up and down any mountains :frowning:


Used to have a Klein Adept Race, which had the most amazing paint job I've ever seen on a bike. Ever looked at a brightly-coloured beetle shell in the sunlight? It was similar to that...would change from blue, to turquoise, to green. Oh, and it rode really well too.

Currently have a Kona Coiler, but don't ride it as much as I should


Lol! That's what I hear. I have an okay Trek from some years ago that don't have wheels. I've heard there are definitely good trails in these parts... But I'll moving out to the Colorado soon, so that will be a big departure from Michigan. :wink:


from Mammoth Lakes, Ca. Home to one of the FIRST mtb parks in the nation, greetings. To Ragana: I grew up with Pete Strazzabosco in Oak Park and he wrote the BOOK on chicagoland mountain biking. I remember my days in the forest preserves along river road (desplains) and all the early spring mud we found, then hitting Johhny's on North Ave for beef or sausage...damn I miss those days !!! Of course there is Russell's BBQ just north of North Ave on river road and who could tell the dirt from the sauce, lol !!

If anyone on the T-Nation forum is in Reno,NV or down Mammoth Lakes way feel free to contact me and I WILL get back to you...Lets have some good muddy fun out there and be SAFE !


Used to be a professional trials rider. . . plus I did a lot of coaching and guiding. Good times. . .


Who did you ride for?


I have no words to even describe how talented this guy is..


I didn't ride on a factory team, honestly I'm not sure if that was fortunate or not. lol.

I wish I had half the skills that Danny does, things have developed so far from when I was riding it's amazing.

This is a couple of years old but I used to train this guy (as in I was his strength coach)

James is an amazing rider, hopefully he takes the worlds this year.

he was the dual world champ a few years ago in both the BIU and UCI feds in the junior division (that was the year I trained him). The BIU rounds are pretty aweful on your body, 8 weeks of this with a different round in each country that's selected. James said in no small part he managed to do so well because unlike everyone else he didnt' start suffering from injuries toward the end.


Just picking up mountain biking this summer. Bought a specilized Rockhopper and i'm lovin it. Here isnide nyc we have some good beginner/intermediate stuff.


Is that James B something? I think I remember him from my time on observedtrials.net

I used to ride street trials also had a DJ and DH bike as well. Great fun but had to sell the bikes because of finances.


No that's James Hyland of trialskings fame. He used to ride wtih Danny Holyrod and the other boys in England.