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Any Mets Fans Out There?


What do you think of the trade of Benson.I'm glad we opened a spot for Heilman,but I'll be sad to see his hot wife go.


Jorge Julio is not a bad middle reliever. But I believe the Mets really traded him for his wife. She's been killing Delgado since he got here. If he won 18-20 games last year, she'd be able to say whatever she wants. My vote is for Pedro!


Yeah,I hope Petterson can fix Julio's mechanical problems,he reminds me of Armando Benitez with his 99mph fastball.Plus it frees up 16 million in salary over the next 2 years.Pedro is Pedro,with more run support and Wagner closing,I expect 18 wins at least from Pedro.


I think Baltimore is trying to piss Tejada off.

Nothing like acquiring a poor pitcher with a hot wife by trading a fairly decent set-up guy.

Good acquisition by the Mets, even though the depleted Braves will still find some way to win the East.



I'm a Boston fan, so I'm out of the loop. What's the deal with his wife?

Oh, and I saw that the Sox play the Mets at Fenway this year. Pedro returns!


He has a hot wife named Anna Benson that has her own website and has appeared on Howard Stern.She's about as close to a perfect 10 you can get.


I think that is just what Omar Minaya wanted, though. That cunt is loud and embarrassing to the organization; that one time I heard her on Stern I wanted to put my head through the windshield.

For those of you that don't know, this guy Benson is married to a delsuional white trash ex stripper from Georgia (I think). She never shuts up.



GO METS!!!!!!!


She catchs a lot of shit from liberals because she has slammed PETA,Micheal Moore,and writes about how she luvs guns on her website.They then make lowball attacks like Fighting Irish did above.

Well,shes just white trash from Georgia.check out www.annabenson.net,or do a google image search and you tell me if she looks like white trash.


Here's the link to her website


Politics is not baseball, baseball is not politics, so try not to make assumptions.

I have heard her on a couple things, and Mike and the Maddoog have said plenty. not too mention her Howard Stern appearence was a joke. I don't care whether she stays or goes (or Benson for that matter) because I'm a Red Sox fan. But I understand Minaya's want to get rid of her antics. ALthough I personally think trading him was stupid and will bite them in the ass.


I guess we know Kris Benson's screen name on T-Nation: singram.


Well,what pissed me off is that you you implied that she a white trash whore from GEOGRIA.So,using your way of thinking,is is safe to assume that you're a potato eating drunk who is from Ireland(I think)All I'm asking is ,what does her being from Georgia have to do with anything.Does it make her rants(which I don't take seriously,it's just satire)anymore dumb just because shes from the south.


I wish,the guys a medicore pitcher and still makes 7 million a year.


I assume he was referring to the fact that she is an ex stripper with bastard children and an obnoxious personality...hence the white trashiness...


I'm a longtime Mets fan and am glad they were able to trade Benson and get something decent back in return. I always thought the Bensons (both he and his wife) were over-rated, anyway.

I'm optimistic about the Mets' chances this year. Hopefully Beltran will have a better year than '05 and Delgado will stay healthy and be another big bat in the lineup with Floyd and Beltran.


Who cares about Anna...
The move sucks for the Mets because they are giving up a decent pitcher for a struggling reliever...
However, if the Mets use the money they are saving by getting rid of Benson's salary and use it to get another starter(...Zito?)...then it's a great move.


Are you the politically correct police here?

There's white trash everywhere. I know that. I don't need to be told by some whiny punk like yourself. Now get back to jerking off over her website, you might miss something.


I agree.lets get back on topic.But I think the move was a salary dump,plus it gives Heilmana chance to get in the rotation.He'll put up just as good of numbers as Benson,but he makes millions of dollars less.But getting Zito probably means giving up Milledge,so I'd rather wait until he's a FA to get him.


Calm down dude.I know you Red Sox fans have an complex,but you won the WS a year ago,so chill.If you weren't bashing the south cool,I just don't see why the fact she's from Georgia has any to do with her being a whore.After living in the south my whole life,southern girls are beautiful,but also toughest girls to try to get in bed.It's gotta to do with it being the Bible belt,or something or maybe it's just so easy to get girls out here in Vegas,where I live now.