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Any Men/Ladies in the Boston Area?

I’m getting ready to move up to Boston in May and am wondering if any of the Boston posters I have seen on here have any advice on gyms or where to live? Thanks in advance.

There are many good gyms and it all depends on where you are going to live and the type of atmospehere you want. I like World Gym, Dedham. If you’re living in the city of Boston, check out the Central Boston YMCA. It has improved a lot, has everything you’ll need to lift with, and has a full court basketball court. Stay out of the pool though, that thing is grimy.

As was said, there are a lot of cool places to live out in boston. Depends how much you made and whether you want an apartment or house. Alston-Brighton at the top of commonwealth avenue and around harvard ave is populated by a lot of college kids and 20something people. brookline above fenway and out on beacon street tends to be the more wealthy and little older crowd, but very cool place to live. you don’t want to live in roxbury (down mass ave towards boston medical center, away from cambridge). The north end is nice, the places tend to be a bit small but i really like the area. if you don’t like the italian stereotype stay away from there. downtown boston is really expensive but you could probably get something reasonable along commonwealth ave or beacon street in the copley area or closer to the public gardens. cambridge is also a really nice place to live, although i know less about it. about gyms, there are a bunch of boston sports clubs all over the place, i’ve never been in one but seems more of a ‘fitness center’ to me than anything, if you want to check them out the ones i can think off offhand are by fenway park, away from kenmore square, newbury street by mass ave, copley and financial district. city gym is pretty good, i’ve worked out there a few times, its in kenmore square and stays open pretty late. also right around the corner by fenway is a big golds gym, they’re a bit pricey though. the YMCA in chinatown by new england medical center is good as well.

I heard the golds near fenway has a rev hyper and is a good place for powerlifters. ALso Art McDermont has a strongman club just north of the city they have a TON of great equipment, and meet saterdays to lift it. If you want to find out more he can be found at the diesel power site…

I am north of boston, but world’s somerville is pretty good. Gold’s fenway isn’t that big. Many gyms in boston are for corporate people who are more interested in a health club.
definitely try a couple out first to see if you 're getting what you expect.
As for living, try looking just outside Boston, maybe medford/malden. Cities like these are little less expensive but are close enough for access to everything in da hub.

whats the address to that website?
(diesel power)