Any Men Here with Cellulite?

I’m pretty despaired. I’m male, 31 yo, have been suffering from low T for at least 12 years now.
My levels are always borderline normal. My LH is also low, too.
I couldn’t find an endocrinologist who was even willing to treat me for a long time cause they all said it’s all normal.

Last year I found an endo who put me on fortesta but it didn’t work out. The gel wasn’t absorbed very well and my levels were still too low. Then he offered me Nebido but I was afraid of it cause it’s a really huge injection. I don’t know how risky that is. One time I got a vaccine in the shoulder and something went wrong and I had insane pain for 2 weeks. Now imagine something going wrong with a really huge 2ml injection into the butt. That’s really intimidating.

Anyway, I recently discovered that I have really bad cellulite on my legs.
My legs are usually really hairy and due to the hair I can’t really see it. Now where I trimmed the hair on my legs I see that I have full blown cellulite.
I not only have those dents which you usually see on pics of female celebrities but when I pinch the skin on my thighs, side side of the tighs and even on the shins (!) I can basically see all the huge fat cells under the skin!
How is this possible? I mean on the shins I don’t even have much fat and I still have cellulite.

I’m really shocked by this and also kind of ashamed. How can a man have cellulite?

Sure, I am overweight but this doesn’t explain it.
I also have multiple lipomas and my fat tissue feels genereally very crude and it also hurts. On my chest for example I can also see the uneven fat tissue under the skin if I grab the skin with 2 fingers and then pull it to the side.

The cellulite on my legs really freaks me out it’s so damn ugly.
I believe there aren’t even many women who have worse cellulite than me.
I have no clue what to do about this. I mean should I show this to a doctor?
Could a doctor even do anything against this? I highly doubt it.

I also read that low T can cause cellulite in men.
But I don’t really know if getting my T up would cure the cellulite. This is very unlikely.

I recently read an article that stated cellulite was due to the atrophy of muscle that pulls fibrous connective tissue, skin and fatty tissue in, causing the dimples. The solution to cellulite was not to diet more and become “skinny fat” but to weight train and build muscle mass while losing fat.

Of course there is a huge market for creams, wraps, pills, cosmetic injections & surgery. It’s repeat business because a lot of the sh!t doesn’t work but keeps customers coming back to try another round of it or another “solution”.

But, getting your legs & butt moving might be the best solution as it will have many added benefits. Walking, flights of stairs, hill sprints, squats, jumping squats, leg presses, stiff-legged deadlifts, leg extensions, & leg curls are great places to start to build & tone the leg muscles while at the same time burning fat.

There’s no magic pill. You will have to do work. But we’re all here to get healthier & stronger. You can do it. I’d say good luck but it really depends more on your effort. Have a good workout!

Thank you.
But to be honest I dont know if exercising and gaining muscle mass is going to help with my fat issues. Maybe it’s also something which is linked to my lipomas. My fat tissue is generally very cystic and crude. Feels like marbels under the skin. It totally sucks.

I have a couple lipomas, too. One the size of a pea on my sternum and one the size of a marble on my back. My doctor said I could get shredded and the lipomas will still be there and be more obviously visible. Once you have them, apparently the only way to get rid of them is surgical excision.

But the advise I gave you was intended more towards your cellulite complaints and not the lipomas.