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Any Members in AK?


anyone lift in wasilla ak


Well…Palmer maybe but hell thats like a stones throw away from Wasilla. Where do you train? Alaska Club? Denali Fitness?


alaska club


Thats a good gym to go to. I cant really afford to go though. for my 20th birthday my step dad got me a 6 month membership at Peak Fitness and thats where Iv’e been for a little over a month.


just moved here last summer looking for work out partner


I usually go to my gym at 8:00. But Im more than likly going start going there as early as 5:30am or as late as 8:00pm if your interested. Oh btw, what do you think of this -20 degree wheather?


better than fairbanks thats where i moved from


Lol, Ill bet. Im suppose to go moose hunting just north of Fairbanks in a couple of weeks.


rite on there seems to be more moose rite here


Thats fuckin awesome! Iv’e never had the oppertunaty the shoot a moose.


i bow hunt so a little harder i had two chances but to far away to pack back


That kinda sucks. Well Im a little busy right now so I gotta get goin. Nice talking to ya btw.