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Any Martial Artists Ever Had Osgoodschlatters?


The knee condition, if anyone has please could you give me some tips on how to reduce the pain and still train hard.

I've been to physio's, helps a bit but not 100%.


mate of mine had it. He did a lot of work to strengthen his thibialis anterior, calves, quads and hams. He also foam rolled the shit out of the lot. The pain went away eventually. He claims that the foam rolling and extensive massage were the keys to getting the pain out.

Also, how many corisone shots have you had so far? If you still got a few then it might be good to save them for intense training periods [ie. prefight].

Also how old are you? The guy i know who got that was like 16 years old. Obviously he had a really really effective physio even back then because he was the only 16 y/o I had seen foam rolling and with a really good program you build up the tendons and muscle in the knees. So yeah if your over 18 or so and not going through a late late growth spurt then you might want to get a second opinion on what you got. OGSh is a kids disease mostly.



18, never had a coristone shot, never even heard of it lol!


I've heard of foam rollers being good before, i'm gonna start using it. What exact foam product do you buy to use it?


you can get them shits at fitness stores etc.



I've got it in my left knee. My understanding is that once you got it, you got if forever. I was more worried about causing damage from hard training than from the pain. What I was told is to strengthen the quads and the other muscles in the leg. Massaging the knee helps when it is hurting, but I don't think there is a way to completely eliminate the occasional flair-up.

I think it is just that the tendon is moving over the "curved" shin. I was told that they could shave the bone down and it may help. But as long as the pain is manageable, then not to worry about casing damage. I could be wrong and would love to hear from other as well. I have been dealing with it since I was a teenager.


Do you do martial arts? How are your double and single leg takedowns and ground base?


I do practice martial arts, but I do not wrestle. It does not have any effect on performance for me. If I were to make direct contact on the problem knee, it does hurt. Wearing a patella tendon strap may help.


I had it when I was younger, it eventually went away. I started wearing knee pads for my Judo sessions, cut down on heavy leg workouts per week,rode my bike more for leg workouts. After any sports/training (even if my knee did not hurt that much) ice my knee! I also lightly wrapped my knee when sleeping (I still do that for any injury) to help promote more blood flow, hopefully helping the healing process.


i have that i was diagnosed when i was 13, and it is agony just under the patella, but if you get used to it its pretty easy to work around it in martial arts especially in warm weather,
i just say try some light kick training on a soft bag and drink shit loads of water and take fish oil helps me out tons (Y)