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Any Marathoners/Half Marathoners?


I'll be doing a half Marathon next month and am just seeing who else out there has done one.

I'm pretty out of shape for this sort of thing. 255lb at age 38. I did 11km ( just about 7 miles) on Tuesday and it took 1h15m. I hope to just get to being able to complete it and in about 2h45m.


^^^ Half marathoners.

But nope, I've never done one. If you're set on doing it, even if it's just for fun, then definitely take some time to figure out a training plan specifically for it. That would go a long way in helping to finish, and finish healthy.

Maybe look into Tough Mudder-style training. I think those courses are usually 10+ miles total. Even if it isn't non-stop running, it would be a kind of cross-training that should help a bit, especially when combined with some event-specific distance training.


Done one half marathon, but years ago, was a lot lighter then and did quite a lot of running. Could hardly walk afterwards though !!.

Knees just won't take heavy road running now but i would like a crack at the commando challenge next year (run by our Royal Marines)


How long have you been training?

What kind of training are you following?

Yes, you will do it. Probably not too happy at the end, but you will finish. For you, its not a race. Start slow, dont follow the crowd, take walk breaks every ten minutes (for one minute) if you want. Learn and enjoy is the theme of the day.

1:15 for 11k is very reasonable. Most people aim for sub 1 hour for a 10k. For you, dont dwell on time. Dwell on enjoying the run.

Get a good breakfast. Not the time to try something new. Stick to what works for you. Example, My wife has a bagel with almond butter. Last time I tried that, I burped the whole race and had stomach issues. Oatmeal is for me.

Keep hydrated and dress accordingly.

I trained a lot of people for half marathons and marathons, but dont do them myself, as I find it boring. 5-10K's for me.


^^ Thanks for your advice.

I signed up for the race 2 months ago and have been doing 2 or 3 times a week doing about 30 to 40 minutes each time.
It's only been the last week that I've gotten in longer runs. I did that 11K on Tuesday and today, Sunday I did 8.5 in an hour. I can't see me getting much faster by December 18th, but just finishing in 2:30 would be great.

I'd like to do a Marathon maybe by June of 2012, but I know I'd need to drop about 50 pounds at least.


Done a couple of each, it's good stuff. I definitely second what was said earlier. Don't worry about your time. Just try to keep your body comfortable throughout, and try not to get caught up in the fact that it's a race, or you may end up starting too fast and really hurting for the duration. Lube up armpits, nipples, thighs, and biceps and enjoy yourself!


I tried a half marathon once and I'll tell you what I know I did wrong.

  1. I thought if I got good at 10k it would carry over.
  2. I did lots of short runs when I should've done slow jogs.
  3. I did no stretching or soft tissue work after training.
  4. I didn't adjust my weight training at all.

I never actually made the event due to having a chest infection. All of the other above contributed to that.


First off, good on you for signing up and giving it a go!

I've done a few halfs and did my first full this year, and I highly recommend it to anyone. The mental and physical challenge of training and going through the motions of eating and preparing is well worth the reward. I second what was said earlier about not worrying about time. On your first outing, just aim to finish the distance at a pace that you're comfortable with.

My training in the lead up to both the half and the full was 2 or shorter runs during the week, and a nice long run on the weekends, which I would aim to get closer and closer to race distance. For the half, if you can try to train up to a 16-18 km run at a comfortable pace, you should be fine on race day.

Above all my advice is this:

  • Enjoy running. It can be one of the most therapeutic, enjoyable thing you can do for your body.
  • I like music, it's great to get your mind of it.
  • Visualize yourself running comfortably and breathing easily.
  • Never ever doubt that you can finish the distance. Doubts will enter your mind inevitably, but train your mind to be stronger.
  • The body will do what your mind tells it to. Learn your body, and command it to perform. Also, learn to listen to your body. When your mind and body work as a team, you become unstoppable.

I hope some of that helps. Make sure you let us know how it goes. I'm cheering for you!


Oh, as far as lube goes...may want to put some near the balls too...learned that one the hard way, not a fun experience at all.


If you did 7 miles your in shape more than most people, and if you could move the next day then you an probably do the half already. It's best not to overdo it. Your not going to increase your speed a ton in a month, and at your weight you can easily cause some overuse injuries. So make sure you recover and keep your muscles loose and warm, regardless of how good you feel limit how fast you start off.


^^Isnt that an oxymoron? lol


Congrats on doing a half marathon! I did my first this past summer in Rhode Island. One hour and 45 minutes (goal was < 2 hours). Here's what I did for training... I started really getting into running in the spring, running 3-5 miles every other day. In June/July I was probably doing 4-6 every other day, with an 8-10 miler once every week or two. Once you can run 10 miles and feel good, I think you're ready. I did run 12 miles once before the race, but never did 13. There's no point beyond 10 IMHO. The race was Sunday, so looking back at my calendar this is what I did:

Monday: Arms
Tuesday: 10 minutes stairmaster, 10 minutes rowing, 10 minutes stairmaster
Wednesday: Back
Thursday: 5-6 mile run
Friday: Chest & shoulders
Saturday: 1-2 mile easy run, just stay "fresh"
Sunday: Race

I stopped working legs about 1-2 weeks pre-race (no squats, curls, etc.,).


I do have a 12 weeks training program, if you are interested. you just have to send me a pm and a goal. \

I have them to finish or even to finish at a certain time. All programs are 6 days a week with Mondays off. Running 5 times a week and weights 3 times a week.

Remember that putting in the miles is key. Your body must adapt or you will hurt yourself.

chkeeley "workout" is not indicative of sub two hours run. I wouldnt follow his program. an 8 minute mile is not what you should be aiming for.


What he's trying to stress is that you shouldn't stress over it.




I did 13km ( 8 miles) in 1:33 yesterday. That was with a one minute walk every 10.

I plan on doing 15km next Tuesday and 18km the Tuesday before the race.


Your training schedule is totally up to you, but within 1-2 weeks of a race I always heed the words "the hay is in the barn." In other words, you're not going to be any more ready than you already are. I recommend you just keep it around 4-6 miles and taper down a few days before the race. You'll do fine.


Good advice. I'll be doing 15km tomorrow, and then just 4 or 6 miles a few more times before the race.


Good preparation Nards, best of luck, enjoy the run and let us know how you go!



So tonight I did 10 miles (16km) in 1:51

I'll do 17 or 18km on Saturday coming up and that's it for long runs till the race.

But the idea of doing a full marathon in 12 month's time is daunting...the idea that I'd have to do the whole run I did tonight (which was from work to my home) over again and add 6 more miles feels nuts!