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Any male gymnist out their?

Hey in my opinion male gymnist have some of the best backs in the business. If their are any male gymnist out there I would love to hear your routines and training. Like how often you train your back and is their any exercises at my gym that I can do that i may not know about already…I always do pullups and chinups and deadlifts and some rowing exercises…anyways thanks for any responses I get.

Tons of pull-ups and dips. Also movements on the High bar, Rings, Parallel Bars, etc. put constant stress on the upper body.
Try a front level some time :wink:

Do a search at T-mag. They have a program called Short Topic- modified gymnist routine. The original is also in an old Poliquin article at t-mag. It’s a killer!

They get such huge backs from all the chinnin movements they do, ike on the rings, high bar, etc.