Any Luck with the Anabolic Diet?

Any of you dudes have good luck with the Anabolic diet? I’ve been on it about 2 weeks I feel fine but cant seem to eat 18x bodyweight its more like 12-15 for me. I’ve dropped about 4lbs so thats nice. Energy feels good, strength is great had my personal best on bench last week and no carbs :slight_smile: My basic questions are…

  1. Will not eating 18 x BW jack me up later when I try the cut phase?
  2. Will all this fat & cholesterol have long term bad affects?
  3. Is AD just for BBr’s, or can dudes in other sports use it? I do JJ 2 times a week…

[quote]MODOK wrote:
Big, big giant thread waiting on you to read if you just search for it.

  1. no.

  2. no.

  3. Others can use it.[/quote]

Will do thanks bro…Nice sword