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Any Lifters Near Gainesville, FL?


Hello fellow Olympic lifters...

I am an Olympic lifter living in Gainesville, FL and I'm looking for some nearby training partners. I have a nice setup in my garage with a lifting platform, power cage, jerk/technique boxes, two Olympic bars, a full set of bumper plates, a full set of change plates, and lots of other goodies. Anyone else out there?






Been in Gainesville for about a year now, wish I checked this sooner, and have been looking for something different than SWRC. Also been lifting alone during this time and am looking for someone to train with. Mostly a sorta powerlifter but have always been opened to olympic lifts.


Hey man, I just moved to Gainesville and I'm looking for a place to Olift. Checked into a few CrossFit gyms and a place called primal fitness but prices are way to high for my budget. Are you still in the area and lifting? PM me and let me know.


Any of you guys still in town and looking to lift? PM me!