Any Legit Ectomorph Bodybuilders?

I’ve been to the doctor for heart concerns before, we did all the tests (EEG, 24 hour heart monitor thing, etc) he says I’m fine.

This doesn’t happen very often, only when I really push it at the gym.

Last time this happened was last week, I did a bit much on my deadlifts. Maybe I’m just not taking a long enough break in between sets and reps, I dunno.

Like I said tho, it doesn’t happen often, before last week it was months between such an episode.

ITS NEVER OVERTRAINING. It’s always under recovery. Look at your diet and sleep. Add more carbs around your workout. And don’t be afraid of sodium. People always cut both sodium and carbs on a cut and do both to the extremes


Yeah my sodium is low. How much should I be getting?

Not to be an ass but no one gets overtrained doing 120lbs squats. On a side note, what exactly did you do during your time in construction?


Alright judging by this, you are not overtraining. Period.


None more than you get from a normal, non-restrictive diet.

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Lol. Well, judging from my exhaustion I am. >>

My oldest son is planning to go into sports medicine and in his Exercise science classes they cover the subject as fact.

Plus I think people overlook the fact its not just about how fat or skinny someone is.
Also i share the same viewpoint you have @BrickHead

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See, you can’t know that. In order for you to actually know that you are overtraining you need to be able to control for all other variables.

If your sleep, stress, eating and daily routines are all the same for a month, with no sickness, and your workout intensity/volume increases and you start feeling the fatigue you are, then that is likely overtraining. So far, there is no evidence to suggest that all those other things are controlled and a lot of evidence, minimal volume/intensity, to suggest that you aren’t overtraining.

Why do people still think that overtraining happens in a work out or a day or a week??


Ok,I can accept that. So are you saying I’m just too stressed out then? That could be it. And coupled with the diet (Been reading BrickHead’s journal and he was 1900ish when he was cutting, but I was 1700ish till today when I upped it to 1920 cals) that could maybe be it?

Maybe I’m not eating enough but I was gaining weight steadily for months and decided to cut to get rid of some belly fat.

I was at 2997 cals and kept adjusting for 10 weeks til I settled on 1785.

Hey furious , would it be safe to say as far as someotypes , their would be at least , 100 someotypes , what is your best guess. ( i know their are 7 billion people on earth) and even identical twins are a little different, but look at Sudanese the guys from north Sudan stand out, mostly very dark very slender tall.
If someone could figure what works for each as far as training, nutrition, wouldn’t they , make bank.

Taking a big group of people like those who live in North Sudan, finding what makes them stand out from other people, and calling that a somatotype is widely different than dividing everyone into three classes.

The concept of overtraining is not that straightforward. You can feel exhausted for a number of reasons. Also people don’t reach stuff like chronic CNS fatigue etc. just like that.

Well speaking from personal experience, there was a period of time where I literally went ham. Training 5/6 days a week for 3 months straight. To this day, I don’t know if this counts as over training, and frankly, I don’t care but it got so bad that I couldn’t even deadlift 60kgs. And that was when I was repping out 160kgs just a few days before. I took a week off and slowly worked myself back up and all is fine.

My point is… The loads you’re using seem ridiculously light. Hell, you aren’t even squatting your bodyweight. Call me a douche but when someone tells me they’re overtrained they can’t even squat their body, I’ll most likely dismiss the idea totally.

oh and the point point is.

##You’re being a stubborn ass right now and it honestly sounds to me like you’re trying to justify your laziness and lack of effort.


Yes, towards the end, for the last month or so, I was at 1950 to a 2190 or so with a lot of cardio. But we didn’t start out like that. We started on carb rotation for 2300 to 2600 cals with only two cardio sessions per six days.

Thanks. I know many do not think the body classifications are legit, but by plain observation, I believe there are different types. There are lanky people with small joints, naturally muscular people with so-called X-frame, and people who are inclined to be bulky and fat. And of course there are going to be many people with mixed characteristics, again what I consider myself to be (ecto-meso).

Exactly my view point…Not sure why some people get so bent out of shape over this notion.

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120lbs squat = weak as shit. And after 4 years on this site, how is that even possible???
There are teenage girls all over youtube squatting way more than you.

Get much stronger on the main lifts and things will fall into place

A great routine for 'hardgainers’…


This stuff can be difficult.

I had to apprentice a 5’6" 120lb. 18 year old world of warcraft rockstar fresh out of tech school for barge repair and restoration. His first day we had to beat the scaled rust off of the walls inside of it in preparation for fit up and welding. This consists of taking a 10lb. sledge hammer and and beating it until the rust falls off.

He cried. He puked. He cried some more and puked a few more times. But he kept going because there were three other guys telling him to. Then placing the steel- Taking 10ft. lengths of plate and placing them- By throwing it up on your shoulder and walking it over to where it needs to be. More crying. More puking. No quitting though.

By lunch time he was a crying, puking bleeding mess. But he did it. Within a month he had even stopped crying and puking.

You need a couple of people to lift with that will push you. And a bucket.


I think Hamdullah Ayutlu is the best case of an ectomorph who packed a ton of muscle on his frame. He’s one of my favorites of all time, hence why I frequently mention him on this site. Even our very own Stu has a small frame but did a great job in packing on muscle.

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