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Any Legal Prohormones Still Available?


Which ones are they? What should you take in addition to them?


DHEA is still available, but is not an effective anabolic. There are also 3-hydroxyandrostane-17-one and 3-hydroxyandrestene-17-one products available, but they aren't effective either. Other than 11-ketoandrostenedione, these are the only compounds which are legal and which are actually prohormones. Only the latter has any value, but it doesn't compare to pharmaceutical anabolic steroids.

11-ketotestosterone has some value and is legal but I don't know if anyone is still selling it. It is however a hormone not a prohormone.

The various other compounds sold as "prohormones" are not prohormones but are synthetics that in fact aren't legal, but are not specifically named as being illegal either. None of them are good compounds.

The good ones were being done already at the time of the 2003 Anabolic Steroid Control Act and so were banned.


Hmm... I took dhea with trib for a little while and it stimulate my appetite a smidge, but also made me retain water, gives me terrible acne, and made me feel irritable without any effects on my strength or muscle gain. I'll just stick to trib from now on. It's more effective and boosts my mood with no bad side effects.

I've done trib alone, but only dhea with trib not by itself. I'd say stay away from dhea. Especially if you're young.

I'm 24 btw.


Before turning to the dark side, I did some research on them and found that it's really not even worth pursuing anymore. All the good ones have been banned and even those didn't really compare to AAS. AAS is safer, healthier, easier to live with, and gets much better results. However, there're the obvious risks associated with their legality. So those are your options. Stating of the obvious, I know, but sometimes you just need to see it in front of you I think


Starchem Labs Icon appears to be in the mold Bill spoke of. Perhaps he can comment on potential effectiveness.