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Any Leg Workout for Mass?

hey guys just want to know if you guys have ideas on leg workout for gains because ive been hitting a plateau lately and i dont know what workout should i choose.

I’m afraid you’ll have to be a little more specific. What do you mean by gains and what kind of plateau have you hit? What type of program have you been doing? If it’s purely mass, might just be as simple as you need to eat more.


Your question is pretty vague given the limited info you have given…

For squats and other basic movements I’ve sometimes done: 3x5, 3x7, 3x10 + 1 set to failure of 10-15 reps with good results.

Find a good progression model for your squats and follow it with high volume work after. Read John Meadows articles on legs.

20 rep squats with your 10 rep max.

Lots of food.

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double the number of reps you’re doing on all your leg exercises

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Drag a sled for a while and go back to squats and deads.