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Any Leather Workers?

As I’ve mentioned I do leatherworking so I was curious if anyone else here does.

Here’s a few pics to show off some stuff I’ve made. Though I’ve got literally hundreds of items I’ve made around.




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you’re a talented dude. Make me a totally bitching guitar strap and I’ll pay you.

I’d be happy to. I’ve done a few guitar straps. Here’s a sample.

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Damn, dude. Very nice.

I made one for @Cupcake though he’s not around so much any more. . .

Is this just a hobby or a side business or what?

I made a XL dip belt. Beginner here.

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I have a business making made to measure custom suits, shirts etc. I wanted to add belts so I decided to learn how to make them. Turns out making nice belts is much harder than originally I thought. Then it turned into a hobby, now it’s it’s own side business. We get fairly regular orders for things and sometimes do stuff for friends and family. I’d love to get into it full time but marketing is not my strong suit so I doubt it’ll ever get particularly big.

But hey, follow us on instagram @vkleathers

We made these for my girlfriend’s kids.


Just bumped you to 90! Your stuff looks awesome.

I’m starting a side business as well (@esavagery76) and marketing is definitely not my strong suit either.

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Thanks. It always makes me sad to go places and see stuff that’s not nearly as nice as mine selling for significantly more than I sell for. Ah well.

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How did you go about learning and how can one best start? Ever look into making boots?

if you’re looking to make it a hobby not a living go to your local tandy store (There’s probably one quite close). Talk to the staff, buy one of their starter tool kits like the delux or whatever, work through the projects. Most Tandy stores have classes on Saturdays you can attend, there’s usually a facilitator there that will help you along with your project, give advice etc. There’s a shit ton to learn.

If you want to learn to make one specific thing that can be quicker but you’ll generally still have to learn all the skills (cutting, bevelling, edging, sewing etc).

I’ve only ever made flip flops for footwear. I’d like to make myself a pair of boat shoes but most shoes require lasts and I haven’t got any, nor am I looking to spend a bunch on them . . .yet.

How much does it cost to make those leather duffel bags and around how much do you then sell them for?

It depends hugely, leather ranges from $4/square foot for random sides like the distressed brown to $13/square foot for the chestnut bridle in the bag with all the tooling on the pockets. Each bag uses about a side of leather ~20 square feet. So around $80-$250 per bag in leather.

The bridle one also used some vegetan for the pockets.

For pricing the bridle one with tooled pockets, silk lining, internal pockets etc would run $800-$1000 the way it sits up there.

For the distressed brown that had a lining but no pockets, tooling etc you’re looking at around $200-$250.

that’s some cool shit! Have you got a website or anything?

That is some nice work @Sturat. I don’t know anything about leather, but I can appreciate good hand craftsmanship.

Thanks folks. @yogi1 the website sucks and our best work is all custom but check us out at


Instagram @vkleathers