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Any Lawyers Here?

I am wondering how non-dosclosure agreements works over the web. I am currently trying to find a web developer but before I talk to them about my idea I want them to sign a NDA. Does this have to be done in person or can I have them sign it and then PDF me it via email?

…IANAL, but do you really want to trust legal advice over an internet forum?

I just need help regarding this

I just need help regarding this

The specifics vary by jurisdiction but in general, electronic signatures are valid and enforceable. Most of the states have adopted the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, and the three states that haven’t have enacted their own state statutes which authorize electronic signatures.

Modern commerce depends on the validity of an electronic transaction. The nice thing about a PDF is you not only have a sig, if you do it right you have proof of delivery and also proof of what was delivered. I’d be more concerned with what the document says than the method you use to exchange it.