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Any Last Options Before Life TRT

Hi Is there any options I can try to get my hormones back to normal before starting TRT
Any help much appreciated,

Total testosterone 6.90ng/ML (2.8 - 8)
Free testosterone 9.55ng/dL no ref range
Bio valuable testosterone 214ng/dL (180-430)
Shbg 66. (18- 54)
LH 8.3mui/mL (1.7-8.6)
FSH 2.3mui/mL (1.5-12.4
Prolactin 8.2ng/mL ( (4.6-21)
Estradiol 29pg/mL (7.6- 43)
Cortisol 18 (6.2-19.4)
TSH 1.22 (0.27-4.20)
FreeT4 1.25 (0.85-1.80
Dheas 8.31 (4.34-12.2)

You have to explain symtoms. Why look at hormones in the first place. We don’t start hormones until they are needed and that’s because symptoms are making life unbearable.

Hi mate sorry I wrote all the symptoms in the earlier thread I made,
Im suffering with anxiety loss of muscle mass,
Depression on and off,
And as we can see from my labs my hormones are completely messed up right now,
I have high shbg so very low free T,
And i have very low FSH, and high LH,

With that info I would check thyroid as well. Just to make sure you don’t waste time. If you need both then it speeds up the process of healing.

I would find a good trt doc. If in EUROPE contact balance my hormones. They will get you a Good doc.

Don’t waste time wirh anyone else but someone who knows hormones. It will peopling and make things worse most of the time.

I did get some thyroid checks done wich I listed,
Now Il get freeT3 done as advised by another member,

This lab value pretty much seals your fate, TRT is needed.

Ok I read a couple threads were people were trying to tackle shbg by getting the FSH/LH back in good range, some said they had success and some not,

This is a full thyroid panel. This is what you need to have done.

Honestly he doesn’t need the last 2, unless insurance is covering it. They are fairly expensive and his FT4 is decent, so he doesn’t have Hashimoto’s.

You would need supraphysiological LH levels or massive HCG doses which you would have estrogen crazy high for which estrogen blocking medications would have almost no effect on.

My dad had decent FT4 and they didn’t check those two until 2 years later. Turns out he had hashimotos

Did that change his treatment at all? That prompted the doc to do an ultrasound. Do you happen to know his lab values? Just genuinely curious.

It was years ago. I can ask but pretty sure his T4 was 1.2. They switched him to Armour and he’s a different person.

Ok will try to get the last 4 done from the thyroid pannel u sent,
I have the first 2 already,

He was on thyroid meds when they measured his antibodies, then switched him to to Armour once they diagnosed Hashimoto’s?

Did you take finasteride?

No the original doc did a full thyroid panel including antibodies but only prescribed T4. Years later after still feeling like shit the new doc reviewed his history and realized he had hashimotos. He was then switched to Armour. The original doc I guess didn’t know enough about thyroid to know what he was looking at. It cost him years of feeling like crap for no reason.

Makes me want to try Armour again. Although I spent a year yo-yoing between hypo and hyper when I was on it. I was miserable.

Getting my thyroid checked again with my T in December to see what’s up.