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Any last minute help, please?

I have a High School powerlifting meet tommorrow.
I will probably be in the 155-165 weight class.
Bench 265
Squat 385
Hang clean 220

8th 9th and tenth graders only. I am a tenth grader.

Any suggestions?
What should I eat for breakfast?
Anything to make me MAD?
Any ideas?

Tiree, I’m not a power lifter, so I don’t have any pearls of wisdom, but I do wish you all the best tomorrow.

Have something you enjoy for breakfast, something that won’t sit too heavy. At this point, things like breakfast are just little details. It’s your prior months of hard work and effort that are going to pay the big dividends.

“Anything to make me MAD?”

hows this? i just fucked your sister!!!