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Any Jobs Available In T-Nation?

Hello guys, is there any jobs available in the TNation website that I can help, I don’t mind small pays. Much Regards

What, you think just hanging out on the forums to talk training is how you get a job at one of the leading bodybuilding and nutrition websites on the Web? Seriously? Not a chance.

I mean, okay, it worked for me. And Nate Green. And Waterbury. And Shugart. But other than that, not a chance.

(But yeah, no, I don’t believe they’re looking for anyone for anything right now.)


If you got flexible morals and don’t ask a lotta questions, I may know a guy who’s got a thing.


I am applying for the position of Deputy Little when it’s available :rofl::rofl::wink:


I have been trying to be the official free biotest supplement user for years. Not only did those assholes tell me the position doesn’t exist they blocked my number after asking 200 times.

Time for a new phone number and asking more nicely. I have a feeling they barely looked at my resume.


I heard you paint houses. Is that true?

(Obscure movie reference)


Is that from that Irishman movie or something else ?

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any part time job will do Mr. Chris. I have strong interest in bodybuilding

I’m pretty sure he was clear that there aren’t jobs available, though perhaps his intention of letting you down softly wasn’t taken on board.

You should know that most of the time, a job has very little knowledge of who you are and how you operate prior to you working there besides what you say you can do, what a few people of your choosing say you can do, and what certificates/degrees say you have done. This is different. I don’t mean to be harsh, but your post history here is a bit erratic to say the least, and was borderline alarming at times.

You’d have had a far better chance at a position had you emailed Chris or one of the admins with a resume and cover letter than just asking a mod in front of everyone with all of your baggage on display.

Don’t beat yourself up, if this is really something you want, find another fitness website and properly apply. But it won’t be here, dude.

I have my resume and all, i just wanted to know if there any jobs available, i can apply formally but you said it wont be here.Also, why my post were borderline alarming and i didnt post anything bad right.

Nothing stops you from applying then and letting them have your resume in case something would open up in the future. He said it won’t be here because of the unlikely scenario that Chris pointed out of no jobs available.

But he’s right the fitness industry is big and plenty of other places to apply if T-Nation isn’t hiring.

Please submit your resume and video involving a grapefruit to one of the mods


I’m reporting this post… to myself.


I don’t have a strong interest in bodybuilding so, I guess, do you wanna be Forum Director?

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Fine I will. But I can’t do less than 120,000 and a lifetime supply of free supplements. When do I start?


Please post a picture of yourself holding a shoe, so they can get the process finalized.


Sort of an unofficial guideline for Mods is to refrain from posting opinions on PWI. So…


I like to exert myself as little as possible. Can I have a job?


I keep my ill informed opinions to off topic, can I have a job?

I don’t want a job but I’d like the ability to ban. Happy to start with 1 ban and 1 free micro-PA capsule per week.

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