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Any Issues with These Bloods?

Got new blood work done and my Free Test. Went down from 357 in October.

Sometimes I get ED, low sex drive, tired, irritable, nipples get sensitive sometimes.

Just got over a bout of pancreatitis week and a half ago.

My current TRT protocol is androgel 1% 8 pumps per day. Anything in my results that pop out? Any input is appreciated, Thanx.

Holy shit, are you alright?

Bloods look good (to me), but I’m no doctor. What is TT/FT now

Getting better, spent 2 1/2 days in the hospital, more bloodwork for that next week.

The Bloodwork (FT and TT) was taken yesterday.

Do you know what caused it? Infection, gallstones, heavy drinking? Autoimmune pancreatitis?

Ultrasound showed no gallstones, nor bile duct obstruction. Hospital told me the bloodwork they performed was fine aside from elevated pancreatic enzymes. I don’t over drink, a couple beers per week. Could have been cholesterol, when I started TRT, mine was very high, especially Triglycerides, they also mentioned something called Gilbert’s disease.

As of right now we don’t know, my follow up with family physician is this coming Thursday.