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Any Issues w/ HGH Use During PCT?


Are their any contradictions with using HGH, low level - 2IU per day, during the later half of PCT? I have some on hand, not enough to run a heavy cycle, but enough to run 2IU per day for about 5 weeks to help with maintaining gains and other health benefits. That's the idea anyway.

Thanks for your help.


I think you could make better use of the 70ui using BBB's protocol during PCT.


To be honest, BBB's protocol frightens me.....




The intra-veinous aspect as well as...."OK so the high dose protocol may have some side effects, such as water bloat, gyno (probably due to IGF1 levels), carpal tunnel (mild to severe) reduced insulin sensitivity and possibly a fatty liver as a result. You can also expect to see your internal organs (especially the GIT) hypertrophy, though this is usually temporary. "



What AAS did you use..? I bet i can TERRIFY you!


Those are pretty much the potential sides with any sustained GH use, though. Mind you I haven't followed that thread closely enough to know if BBB is stating that the risks are demonstrably higher using the IV protocol.




LOL. You're cruel, man!


BBB did say that these sides would be more profound in the IV high dose protocal...so that and the IV part just don't appeal to me.


Ok so now that we have established that I am scared of the IV protocol....anyone going to help me with my original question?


Seriously, I'd just do BBB's protocol at a lower dose, and IM. EOD or 3x a week, first thing in the morning, post workout 2 IUs each. It's not like you have to use 10 IUs.

Besides, how many IUs are you accustomed to using every day when on a "proper" cycle?

Not a "fan" of ED subQ use as it goes against the natural way the peptide is pulsed. ED subQ is much more like a tumor's pattern...


I have ran 4iu EOD IM first thing in the morning with no problems.


I'm curious myself how much about his protocol you read. There were a lot more options than only multiple IV shots spread out throughout the day. And yeah, all of those sides are pretty well par for the course when discussing GH administered in any of the three most common injection methods.

Also, if you read deeply enough into the protocol, you should have seen why IM shots (at least) are superior to SubQ for the purposes you state in the OP.

Maybe I will go back and edit my original post with a second link to an entirely new thread that contains a digest version of just what BBB's protocol is, and isn't, as there seems to be a lot of confusion about it lately. And I can actually understand the confusion, as his ideas are spread primarily over 3 threads, one of them many hundreds of posts long at this point, as well as sprinkled throughout other posts all over the place.


Thanks for the info regarding the protocols out there - I just read the one thread you have linked. More reading....


IV is fine as long as you are using legit HGH (FDA approved). None of that UGL Chinese shit.
They put chemimcals into milk to fake protein tests (so they can water it down further). These are large sacle industrial operations with intent to make an extra buck and not give a fuck. Imagine what kind of quality control they use on export black market only research chemical. uhhhh, probably no quality control lol.
That stuff is fine, if you are doing cell culture reasearch on a budget. Who cares if your batch of cells have some morbility/mortality issues. But if you are doing cell culture research on your own tissue, I think you deserve something a bit better.

ok, back to the topic.
I think IM delivery would be ideal route for your purpose. Injected 3x per week. 20 iu per week.


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BBB did you happen to see my post elsewhere in the forum requesting that you one last time outline a very concise, discreet explanation of your protocol? I wanted one dedicated thread that can be quickly and easily referred to so that we can reduce some of the confusion we are probably creating by talking about this as if others know all about it.

I would say "sticky" but if we get too many more stickies everyone will have to start reading new posts at page 2...

...and in that same vein (har har...I kill me) the post itself has probably already got bumped to the bottom of the page because of all the damned stickies and the fact that I probably scared everybody off by telling them nobody could post in the thread until you did.

...or maybe they're scared of you...


You are in a delightful mood today, I notice.