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Any Iodine Dealers Around Here?


It seems that every place I look on the internet for Iodoral is completely out of stock. Is this a common occorance? Amazon and Ebay both have Iodoral going from 200 - 1000 dollars???
Is there an Iodine supplement famine hitting us unlucky newbies on T-Nation?


I see adds in google searches with reasonable prices. Heath-food shops might have high potency iodine that you dispense by the drop, but does not taste good.


Had the same experience, so ended up going with the liquid.

Taste isn’t that bad and easy to measure out with the dropper.


Thanks for the responses fellas. I believe I will be going with the drops. I placed an order from luckyvitamin.com and the next day they emailed me and said they are all out.


I found a local health store that has all kinds of good things I am going to be taking. This purchase was liquorice Root and Potassium Iodide. I have a question on the potassium iodide. The amount is 32.5 mg per tablet and the bottle says not to exceed 4 tablets a day for 10 days. That would be 130mg per day, if i recall correctly the Thyroid Basics forum says do not exceed 50mg per day. Are Potassium Iodide and Iodine the same supplement and is it ok for me to take 130mg per day?


The product should be stating 32.5 mg iodine from potassium iodide.

The form is not so important. Your body will absorb and build up your reserves.