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Any Interesting Workout Stories?


Does anyone have any interesting workout stories they want to share with the rest of T-Nation?

here is mine...

A few years back, my gym got a new lat pull down machine. The first time I used it, I was in the process of bringing the bar down behind my head, when the heavy weight I was pulling caused the cable to snap. As a result, I smashed the bar down on my skull. Blood everywhere. I should have sued the place!




here's mine...
I'm Markshark25 and a few hours ago, I opened an account at T-Nation and for my first post I opened a thread on a topic that already has its own thread. Insta-douche!
Oh, and working out had something to do with it.


Im waiting for someone to do a "cool story bro" pic


But..........it wasn't a cool story.






OP, stick to eating your supps rather then trying to figure out how to start threads in here.


The rookie is being hazed.

I think I was careful about what I posted for the first 100 posts or so.


Ouch... lol... its all good though... i thought it could have been an interesting thread to get started ... but i guess not.


so i guess... according to Nards... i got 97 more posts still i can post whatever i want... that might take a while... im not a big fan of spending time on the computer.


Canada...who would have guessed?


So get the fuck off the computer and go do some pullups. You would've been fine if you didn't fuck with the new shiny pulldown machine and did pull ups instead.


I could make a whole thread dedicated to "Things I've Hit Myself in the Nuts With While Training"... but I won't.


Hey how bout you leave the Canadian bashing alone and update your training log, douche!

I love you


I think you'll find that on a per capita basis, you have as many, if not more, toe rags than we do so shut up.

I'll start a study and show you.


Me too!

Oh...wait. Nevermind.



Don't listen, was an ok post and losers on this site who think they're some sort of unofficial censorship need to learn to train.