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Any Insight on Cytolean?

ok guys, in 2 months i dropped bout 12 pounds a a few percentages of fat too. my legs thighs and glutes are getting pretty lean too but i still am battling the bit of pudge on the lower stomach area. i have a pretty strong cardio and ab workout so im hustlin.

i just want to if a product like cytolean from gaspari can help.
i know its usually coupled with the mitotrophin that gaspari has.

any thoughts???

ASSUMING that your diet is in place, then a fat burner can’t hurt (Unless you can’t tolerate stims)

Your diet is in order, right?

I like to say that I have acheived a prett strict diet regiment with the correct amount of protien portions carbs and vitamins amino acids and such. So yes I can say that I have a strong diet.

What fo you by tolerating stimulants ? Could I tell myself if I can or is it just a trial basis thing?