Any Insight Into Facial Edema and Sausage Fingers?

The first year of TRT was amazing. I grew a beard, lost a ton of weight, felt amazing. Dark circles under my eyes kind of went away, I slept great, etc. Two years in, I don’t sleep, I have water retention, nail pitting, swollen puffy face, I look and feel out of my mind.

I have INSANE tension headaches upon waking only in the back of my neck/head/traps that do not go away. I got a sleep study done and waiting on results. I’m shitting blood and mucous non-stop and have an endoscopy scheduled. Was my hypogonadism caused by some other issue and T was a temporary bandaid? Hypothyroidism, Cushings?

What is your dose? TT, FT and E2 numbers? Water retention could be E2 being too high.

As a side note, you kinda look like Triple H.



I have nothing recent as I’m on 6 month bloodwork now. My estradiol when tested (endo doesn’t normally test) is below.

My SHBG has always been low, pre and post TRT.


And I’ve been fucking with my dose and not been consistent (I wonder if I’m causing my own problems). I’m prescribed 140mg/week but dropped to 120mg/week, now do 100mg/week but I’m not consistent. I can’t do IM injections myself anymore with 23g 1 inch, so I tried 27g 1/2 inch but I don’t think fat injections (SC) work for me. I miss doses, lower doses, and I havn’t been consistent for months. Maybe I need to suck it up and get back to 140mg/week injections and just pay someone else to do them. I started TRT on September of 2019, at 120mg, then 140mg, so you can see the rise in T levels. THen I became inconsistent and my levels fell off a roof. Maybe all my symptoms are because I’m back to low T because I’m not doing my injections.


You have a lot of variables here. I think you need to be consistent on a protocol for awhile before you come to conclusions.

It might just be fluctuations causing you issues.

Maybe try SubQ in the belly. I don’t find injections hard to do, but when I started I was intimidated. SubQ wasn’t hard to do on my own.

Maybe mark on a calendar when you are supposed to inject?

I just got blood drawn this morning, everything hormone related and normal stuff. Check this out, I’ve been taking less testosterone regularly but my RBC, hemoglobin, and hematocrit are all elevated. I’ve been passing large amounts of blood in my stool and that’s currently being tested as well. I will get my T numbers back hopefully in a few hours or tonight. I think I have sleep apnea due to my headaches and gasping for breath at night and insomnia. This could also be the issue but I don’t get how androgens induce sleep apnea.

Oppenheimer, have you considerd Jatenzo, oral T twice daily?

Steady states are reach in 7 days and within 12 hours peak, trough levels are on average 290- if dosed correctly.

The recommended starting dosage is 237 mg.

It’s basically edema in the airways. This is why I recommended Jatenzo, varying levels might actually help with your issues.

Not good to jump to conclusions so a question. Did your issues start around the same time as the blood in the stool? If so, I’d think that would likely be related to the other issues. I’d figure that out.

Also, I think being consistent is important and you should try to get to that, even if that isn’t your issue.

TT came back at 497 ng/dL 9 days after a 100mg injection. Prolactin fine, SHBG 19. High RBC, hemo, makes me think this is sleep apnea, coupled to brain fog, memory loss, depression, anxiety, insomnia at times, waking headaches, and even extreme IBS now, all are symptoms of sleep apnea. So I guess testosterone isn’t the issue, it’s sleep apnea causing my hematocrit to raise even higher as I lose oxygen at night.

I’m not so sure about an oral testosterone, seems very weird. I thought liver health was an issue for a long time and I’m sure their studies with this compound tried to remedy that but I havn’t heard of a single person using it. Xyosted was of interest due to the auto-injector (cost aside) and I notice it has no preservative, just a different carrier oil.

So, I always wondered how normal test c with benzyl alcohol and preservatives were used with sub cutaneous and if those caused fat tissue damage or inflimmation.

Rule out Acromegaly.
And go see a gastrointestinal Dr.

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I have been dealing with very similar symptoms to yours for year minus the blood in stool. I am almost certain I have some form of sleep apnea but its hard to diagnose as I got difficulty falling and sleeping regardless of apnea or not, so when aa doctor made me do a home study kit it ruled out sleep apnea… I tried to tell them I barely slept, but they didn’t care. I literally tossed and turned all night. Thinking of just buying a cpap machine and reselling it if nothing.

If you buy used and sell used it is very little financial risk. Just buy new on the stuff that matters like the mask and tubing.

Just so happens I have a brand new top of the line one with a couple masks… you should buy it

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T-Nation should have a classified’s section.

We really should. Gym equipment deals could be had along with cpaps :joy:


I got shipped a bunch of anadrol as an error (200, 50 mg tabs). I couldn’t list that, but I’ve been looking for a trade at the gym for awhile now. I can’t handle that stuff, I need at least 2 heart burn meds to just take one 50 mg tab. I say at least 2 because I was still burning up with the two meds.

Fear of people selling / trading PEDs is probably why it won’t happen.

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I think it’s exciting. If the price ever comes down I’d be all over it. Right now most ins won’t cover it since there are cheaper forms available. But it isn’t methylated so no liver impact. Uptake is via the lymph nodes, I think. Just have to dose it high enough and often enough to be effective. Some ppl won’t take a pill (or 2) every 4-6 hours, but some ppl will.

The older formulations of oral T had issues with the liver.

I’m on Jatenzo and liver enzymes are low normal, Jatenzo is reletively new and bypassses the liver on the first pass and is FDA approved.

There is another brand of oral T called Tlando and Tlando XR on the market and it will only be a matter of time before the market is flooded with more options.

Jatenzo is dosed every 12 hours, I take mine at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

You don’t see a large dip mid-day?