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Any Info on Eco Oils


Just looking to see if anyone has any experience with eco oils.Not asking about sites or sources i have my own just looking to see if eco is a trustworthy brand thank you.


Isn't asking if they are trustworthy asking a source question, especially since you "have your own"?
Ask the DEA if they are trustworthy since this is not a source board.


I don't think he was asking for a source. Because, well.. he said he wasn't looking for a source. He's asking about the legitimacy of the actual product.

I've tried Eco Oils, it's a decent brand.


Fuck you.Asking if there trustworthy has nothing to do with asking about a source.Im so sick of asking simple steroid questions in this (steroid) forum and getting bullshit smart as remarks.If you dont have anything solid to say dont respond to my posts.


I'll ignore your acting like a four year old throwing a tantrum. But I will admit I was wrong. The last time I checked there was only one source for eco oils, and there now are many so I was mistaken.


Thats actually funny,a four year old throwing a tantrum.I love how everybody is tough online.


Yeah, I'm a hardass online. But little do people know I'm quick to run away and very often cry over a verbal insult.