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Any Info On Anaconda

Any recent information on this product?



Thanks for any feedback guys.


whats Anaconda? a new supp.

they are penis pills, hence anaconda.

i got to test the beta, works too well, they have to tweak it before it gets to market to keep all twats safe. i just utterly destroyed several size queen snatches in the past month. at this rate my shlong will be larger than a horse by next week.

obviously i’m joking and have no clue what anaconda is, but i can assure you i will buy it ASAP.

Are you working on the Anaconda project?

Bill Roberts
09:30 PM

Not presently (it isn’t specifically one of my projects.) I put in I guess a hundred hours or so on it over the summer to try to help out with one technical aspect of it, but really didn’t accomplish anything besides ruling out a large number of apparently possible solutions to a given aspect of it, leaving only what we knew in the first place on that aspect :slight_smile:

So really I accomplished nothing.

While not being able to say specifics, I suppose I can give sort of an analogy though certainly not the same thing. As you may recall, Met-Rx was originally a 2-component product rather than being a single component, but this wasn’t very feasible commercially and so it was modified to be single-component.

It wasn’t as good, but still wasn’t bad by any means. Sort of a similar thing, though not the same, with Anaconda as of this summer: there’s a way of delivering the design intent and general formula concept of the product – which I think is principally due to Dr Tim Ziegenfuss – but there was an aspect that was judged somewhat unfeasible and all efforts to “paper that over,” so to speak, regardless of now being feasible weren’t as good and therefore weren’t judged acceptable.

I don’t believe the project has been cancelled, improvement is still being looked for, but as it happens the aspect it was thought I might be able to help on, I wasn’t, except for being able to rule a lot of apparently-potential things out.