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any info appreciated

A friend of mine has a huge mass on her neck. (btw, this has nothing to do with steroids) turns out, her thyroid is 6x normal size. The doctors have never seen this before and are unsure of what it is causing this. I do not know all the info. But I know her T-cell count is good, and cancer seems to be ruled out. anyone in the medical field out there have any directions we could help point the doctors to.

Iodine… lol.

It could be hyperthyroidism, the most common being called Graves disease. This is characterised by 3 principle characteristics:

  1. exophthalmos (abnormal protrusion of the eyes)
  2. Thyroid gland enlargement (also called goiter)
  3. hyperthyroidism

It could however also be Hypothyroidism as well
Causes may include indemic goiter which occurs in areas of nutritional iodine deficiency in soil, and water. Major goiter belts within the USA are the midwest, Northwes, and Great lakes region. Endemic goiter typically occurs in the winter and fall and is twice as prevalent in women as in men. This condition commonly occurs in these regions to women during growth spurts, pregnancy, and lactation.

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I’m assuming her doctors have run all of the appropriate blood tests, ie TSH, T3, T4, T3 resin uptake, anti-thyroglobulin antibodies, etc.

Is iodine-deficient endemic goiter really prevalent in the US? I thought it was only seen in areas of the world where table salt is not iodinated such as the far east.

guys, thankyou very very much. I passed on the info, and when I get more info from her I will put it here to see if it points us into an even clearer direction. She does live in upstate ny, in an area that has been overly polluted by old industries. And I am sure that could lead to some of this. Anyway, thanks again!!!

Look to the thyroid.