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Any Info about Paypal?


Does anyone have a bank account connected to paypal? and if you do, do you still need money in your paypal account to buy stuff or will they automatically withdraw from your bank account? thanks, i'm just trying to find a decent way of buying supplements online lol


a decent way? Credit card to the site, like here, or where ever else.


Just give me your info, i'll take care of it.


I might almost think about considering that, Byukid. Just 'cause you're a good Mormon boy.


It withdraws from your bank account.




This, you don't have to keep refilling it. It will draw from whatever account you want, checking, credit card, etc.


True. I use it for eBay purchases and i've never had to actually put money in it. it takes it from my bank account automatically


alright thanks for the help!
and i suppose "decent" was not the right word... i just don't have a credit card