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any idea's

I have a real quick question and hopefully I can get some responses other than “this guy don’t know shit” or “do your own research.” I am doing my own research but I would really like the help and opinions of the “vets.”
My question is would I see any reasonable gains from a stack of deca 400 and equpoise 400? Once again I am only looking for advice as to wether this is worth the trouble or should I also include some type of T ? Thanks for any info guys.

i dont think you will find many fans of deca here.it leads to deca dick but i hear its good for the joints.lol

drop the deca. eq will takes its place nicely. and yes i would add a test. run both no less then 500mgs/wk with proper frontload. i am just giving you middle of the road advice as you didnt state your goals, training experience, steroid history, size, weight, bf, age, etc. oh, and dont forget ancillaries.

this guy dont know shit…do your own research…

( i couldn’t resist)