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Any Ideas To Gain Weight???

Im 5’7’’ 130 LBS… Ive recently gained 12 lbs by eating around 3300 calories a day. I HIt 135 lbs and stayed there for almost 6 weeks…Ive never been over 135 no matter how much i eat, Ive tried loading with 150 grams of protien a day and upping my calories to almost 3600 a day. IM having trouble eating enough calories to keep up any gains to push me over 135 lbs. Any ideas here??

I don’t understand, I thought eating was what you did to gain weight. Am I to believe that there is actually something else to it?

Well, at the end of the day, you just have to eat more. With regards to what you should eat, what are you eating now? are you sure it is 3600 calories? are you sure you are consistently getting 3600 calories? are you expending a lot of energy on any given day(outside of workouts)? Are you resting enough?

Okay time to stop counting calories. Think of how much you are eating now and try to double it and continue with your active lifestyle.

Share your food selections with us. Off hand, I insist on doubling your protein intake. A mere 150 g/day will not suffice for anyone who lifts weights. Going from a like quantity up to 300 g/day made a huge difference. Again though, specify your food choices. Please don’t be vague.