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any ideas on how to consume 6,250 calories a day

i eat a lot of food but i need to eat more because i have to gain weight, so if anyone has any good ideas on good clean low fat foods to eat they would be appricated.

To be honest if you are bulking you are going to have to eat some un clean foods. 6500 cals a day cant br done with just chicken breasts!

May I ask why you’d want to consume low fat foods? 6250 calories, without consuming much fat, is going to be a mighty task. Plus, you need fats anyway…

Why the low fat bro? Are you following Massive Eating. If not, I’d reccomend trying it. If you are still afraid of eating fat, I used to be the same. But one day I stumbled on this online magazine called (drumroll) T-Mag. Looking for a weight loss diet, I stumbled upon Fat Fast. I was skeptical at first, after all fat makes you fat and it also clogs your artery’s, right? Wrong. I lost too much fat. Anyway, sorry for getting off topic, but my point is that it’s hard getting that many calories without fat in your diet

Dont worry about the fat if your trying to gain weight. Eat tons of everything carbs protein and fats(not a ton of fat). Add extra “stuff to every meal” add powdered milk to anything and you get extra calories. Drink juices instead of soda. Dont be too picky about what kinda of calories you are eating. When you’re trying to gain weight calories are calories.

Do what John Parillo has all his athletes do. Find your protein and carbohydrate requirement and then add a tablespoon or 2 of mct oil to each meal for more calories. This will give you the extra calories without the conventional fat (Mct is preferentially burned over carbohydrate and is difficult to store as fat).

Firsy off, I’d like more detail on your weight, height, age, etc. before I were to give any kind of advice on how you should go about putting 6,250(!!!) calories into your body. Where did you get that number from? Don’t take this the wrong way, but anyone who truly needs this many calories to put on weight should have learned by now how to get 6,250(!!!) calories into their diet by now. Also, low fat on that many caloies is really not realistic and really not going to help you gain size. Post more detail about your a,s,w, and I’m sure we can figure out what direction you need to head in.

Add nuts to your diet, “good” fat, high protein, low carbs, can be added to almost any dish.


why low fat, why?

2 “Big Boy” shakes per day will help. Mix 1 packet or your favorite MRP with 16oz of half and half each shake gives you close to 1000 cals and is very tasty, not low fat though :stuck_out_tongue:
good luck, outlaw.

What are you trying to gain weight for? Does it matter if you gain fat too?

Jesus christ! Half and half? The kid might as well mix up a MRP in a tub of crisco.

First off, a calorie is not a calorie. Try replacing 1000 calories of chicken breast oatmeal and beans with 1000 calories of cake and ice cream. Second, the macronutrient composition of a diet is actually even more important when trying to gain weight. When trying to lose weight people are in a negative caloric balance anyway…so even if they eat like shit it’s likely to be burned. When trying to gain weight you’re in a positive calorie balance and if you’re eating the wrong foods those foods are going to be channeled into the adipose department and away from the lean department. Eat the right foods and channel as much of the caloric energy into the lean department. The way you do this is by controlling the relationships between the macronutrients and many other hormones but most importantly insulin. Mct oil is a medium chain triglyceride. Conventional fats are long chain. It’s quite complicated to get into here but by adding calories in the form of MCT oil you add calories with a very low chance of being converted into bodyfat and you spare your protein and carbohydrate for more muscle growth. Find John Parillo’s website for more information. I’ve been playing around with some info. here for the last couple of months and I think the ultimate way to get big or lean out is to follow the principles of the massive eating diet…but instead of having large amounts of conventional fat for the p+f meals instead replace this fat with MCT oil. I theorize this would actually lead to leaner body comp. due to, conventional fat having such a low thermogenic activity. It can only be stored or burned. When in a caloric surplus it will most definitely be stored due to higher caloric levels and plenty of carbs being available even if those carbs were eaten much earlier in the day or whenever. (body will burn carbs first if available) If we can get the body to store less fat even while eating a higher fat diet our results will be much better. I feel the massive eating principles with the addition of MCT fats would be a good way to achieve this.

Will, read “Diet Manifesto,” Search for it on this site. Stick to massive eating guidelines, but eat fat too! But good fat … search for the “Fat Roundtable” article too. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to bulk by gaining fat, and just eating recklessly is a good way to do it. You’re going to have to eat 8 times a day … decent size meals. Good God 6,250 is a lot of calories. How big are you now? What training are you going to incorporate with this diet? MRPs will help.

An interesting read, Kelly. If time and inspiration allow, could you tell me if you use Udo’s for this purpose, or just MCT’s exclusively (Udo’s has 231 mg of MCT’s per serving, but it includes Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids). Is there a specific brand of just MCT’s that you’d recommend? Thanks.

You better start takking some carb drinks & MCT oil.

the macronutrient ratio during a cutting phase is important…if you eat junk food all day (read insufficient protein and EFAs) then sure you’ll still lose weight but it’ll be mainly lean body mass…also during a bulking phase you will get fat. If you use MCTs, then instead of the body burning carbs for fuel and storing fat, it’ll just use MCTs for fuel and then store carbs as fat

I still think it’s important to get the essential fats in so I recommend everyone use some fish oil, flax, or Udo’s choice. I’ve never personally used Udo’s choice so I was unaware that it even contained any MCT. I’ve used the parillo brand of MCT captri as well as MCT fuel by twinlab…about 10 grams per meal. Someone brought up an interesting point saying that if MCT’s are used the body will burn them and store the carbs as fat. The idea is to consume as many complex carbs as you need but not in excess to avoid storing them as fat…if you eat too many carbs they will make you fat and jack insulin levels way up but MCT is much more thermogenic then either carbs or protein so it is perfectly ideal for increasing calories while decreasing the chance of accumulating excess fat. I’ve had a lot of success myself and with other people adding solid muscle by eating a maintenance level of calories coming from protein, carbs, conventional and essential fats and then adding about 500 calories worth of mct oil on top of this.

i don’t know about using massive eating with that many calories. It seems to make the task even harder.