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Any Ideas on Bench Opener


I recently hit 365 no boards with a Titan F6.... I have a meet in late May.

Any ideas on openers or attempts i think i can get 405 with rest...


How easy was the 365? I tend to go conservative with my openers to get in the game. Bombing sucks...


Always open conservatively with something you know you can smoke - number one, you get in the show and avoid bombing and bombing is just plain stupidity, two, you get a feel for your equipment, strength levels, form, etc. and you can then make intelligent decisions about your second attempt; third attempt should be an attempt to set a PR unless you are competing to win and you need to make a lift based on strategy / standings. Opinions, like mileage, will vary but I believe the foregoing is pretty much conventional wisdom.




Good stuff-guys ....its my first meet only my second time wearing a shirt i own this new one- i worked into it 3 - 2 -0 boards etc. also how many days before the meet no Bench attempts do you think?


I usually go with what I can do as my best triple.




Open with what it takes to touch. Your last workout is monday for a saturday meet, some light raw or speed work with strait weight. The week before is not crazy either. Maybe hit your opener off a 1 or 2 board. Asssitance for your weakness.

If making weight is a factor consider it in your strength and the fit of your shirt. 7lbs of bodyweight makes a huge difference in shirt fit.

Good luck


Well id say im luck here i was going to do 220 tried to low carb cardio my bodyfats dropping but not fast enough so i made a descision to go to 242 i weigh about 228 and i feel stronger.. this is my first meet ill let everyone know how its going..


where/when is this meet?

Lay off benching one full week before the comp...


If it's a 24 hour weigh in, then just cut water and hit 220. I just imagine you would be more competitive in the 220s, and you're awfully close. Good luck.



I hit my first two lifts and missed on my third --380.. Just getting this first meet in willl help as my timing was off from warmups, mental prep etc I plan on doing a meet in July. Iused the titan f6 got loose on me...


Hey Steelman are you planning on the Bench meet in Pheonix on July 15th? I am planning on competing in that one for my first meet. I will compete at 220 as i am 215 now and do not have to cut weight.


Yeah im doing the APF meet July 15th in Tempe Az. i think im going to stay at 242(im actually like 231) but i want to stay strong.. as I plan on training for strongman and illl prob drop weight anyway.. Getting the Katana Shirt for this one so im guessing 365, 385 ish and then 410-420 for PR..


any ideas for the next 6 weeks, how much stronger can i get.. I think im gonna focus on weaknesses, technique, meet conditions type days...


I just found out about another meet 7 days earlier.. Anyone ever do two bench meets with one week rest i dunno. thought about one with a high opener and then conservative the other meet...


Yeah my buddy did that. He did O.K. I wouldn't do it though but I do full meets, so you may be O.K. too.