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Any Hypothyroid T-men Out There?


Am interested if there is any hypothyroid T-men out there? Just wondering if there is anything different that you may be doing as far as diet or training is concerned.


Yeah, my thyroid took a permanent vacation when I was 16 or 17. I was diagnosed at 17 and was extremely hypothyroid at that time. VERY unusual for a young male, lucky me. I'm 44 now. Here's what I do, I take my Synthroid (and lately Cytomel also) every morning so I'm clinically euthyroid. That's all ya need to do.

Here's some advice for you though, based on a bunch of years of experience and being involved in the clinical diagnostics industry. In the US, doctors rely almost exclusively on the TSH assay to monitor thyroid function and therapy. It's cheap and generally effective. However, insist on a full or nearly full thyroid panel every few years. Your insurance company (if applicable) may bitch a little, too bad for them. Here's my reason, TSH comes from your pituitary gland. If your pituitary takes a hike, your TSH will be lowered appearing as if you're hyperthyroid. So the doc will want to lower your Synthroid (or whatever his drug of choice is) I've just described one reason for doing more blood work, because this is exactly what happened to me recently. (thyroid in teens, pituitary in early 40's, what the f*ck is next?) However, because of things I've learned about thyroid assays through work, I concluded years ago that TSH is relied on too heavily.

Again, take your meds, be clinically euthyroid. There's nothing else you need to do.