Any HRT Doc's in New Jersey?

Just had my first appt with a urologist regarding low testosterone. Obviously he suggested getting more bloodwork done. Thing is that he said provided the results are the same as the labwork I gave him that he would start exogenous test shots once every 3 months and maybe bump it up to once a month if necessary. WTF?

Can someone please recommend a urologist in North Jersey?
Even Central Jersey if need be. I am only beginning to get a full grasp of HRT but even I know getting a shot between 4-12 times a yr will be pissing money away and won’t do anything for my situation.

I am find the best results by locating compounding pharmacies. Call them and ask for help and explain your situation, what treatment you seek and also explain if you are insured and other budget issues. Ask for a doc that does T+AI+hCG. The pharmacy refers you to docs that they work with, and then they get your business.

In Google earth, get your region in view, then in the “fly to” search box search for [compounding pharmacy]. Investigate these and check their websites. Many offer screening and referral services as well as an effort of HRT education and male health.

Thinking that a urologist is the key to your problems is about as dumb as they typically are. And endos are mostly too busy to learn anything about these things. GPs who want to excel at male HRT will beat the specialists. You can easily know more about these things than most specialists.

I do not know why endo’s think that they have any understanding of hormones just because the hardware is often under their knife.

I just used Ksman mans advice and found a great compounding pharmacy in New York. It turns out that HRT is their speciality. The pharmacist there made two recommendations. I just started trt with my old endo which will do until I meet with one of the new guys. Good luck.

I have been going to Dr. David Dornfeld, an Osteopath ( in Middletown. It is a trip for me to get there from Hudson County but WELL WORTH it as he is both knowledgeable and understanding in his approach to not just the TRT therapy but an overall view of your well being and health. If the trip is too far he may be able to assist you with someone in your area. Good Luck


thanks for the info.

I called on Monday, and after being place on hold for 15 mins they told me that the doctors are not taking any new patients at this time. I asked if I could be put on a list and they said they don’t have a wait list and to check back from month to month.

and the saga continues.

If you are interest in a specialist in hormone located in philadelphia that accepts PPO insurance and looks at you as a whole person not just symptoms…Pm me if interested.