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Any HOT-ROX Side Effects?


In Denmark ephedrine is illegal and ECA stacks like Therma Power has caused a big debate.

I know HOT-ROX does not contain ephedrine but does it contain anything that works like it or causes the same side effects?

Anyone who has tried HOT-ROX are very welcome to share their experience in this tread.

Only one. When you burp it tastes like rasberry and that is not a bad thing at all.

That is for HOT-ROX Extreme, and though it contains caffeine I don’t get the same jolt of energy as i do from say Spike, which also is not bad. Definately no “jitters”

I can only take one HRX a time, with food. Even then, I’ll almost break a sweat from getting so hot and I still get a caffeine buzz. If you buy it, make sure to start with the minimum dose and slowly adjust as necessary.

HRX seems to effect people in a wide array. My friend got slightly sick after taking just one on an empty stomach. He can now tolerate one if he takes it with food, but two is out of the question. I take two and other than the burps, I really dont notice a whole lot. I used to be a heavy coffee drinker, so that could be why.

the nice thing is that I take two at 1pm and this seems to keep me up and alert during the 3pm slump of the day where I am usually dragging my feet and dreaming of going home. so for me the effects are subtle, but I can look back and see an effect even if i dont realize it at the time.

i got stomach cramps when i took the dose 1st thing in the morning, but then i discovered that if i drank a whole glass of water when taking the pills, it didnt happen more.

Weigth loss.

Occasional Jitters.



Potential nausia if on an empty stomach.

Did I mention weight loss?

I use HRX for a few months out of the year to help me get lean.

I always have to start with the lowest dose (one cap in the morning, one in the afternoon) and work my way up. I’m very sensitive to it.

I also noticed that if I don’t take it with food, I get really bad heartburn, and I’ll feel like puking often.

It’s taken me the past month to slowly work up from the minimum dose to the full dose of two caps in the morning and two caps in the afternoon.

Even though I took four weeks to get to that point, I still get nauseous even if I take it with food.

This makes it difficult when my training is already done at a fast pace with short rest periods and includes complexes and circuits.

Many days, I begin feeling like I’m going to vomit about halfway through my workouts.

But other than that, no, there are no real side effects other than having a lot more of that “jittery” energy that causes me to tap my feet a lot or work really fast or have extra energy along with feeling warm most of the time and having the anti-depressant euphoria.

I have had the nausea issue when taking the full dose. I found that If I took one ever 3-4 hour for a total of 3-4 during a day that I was able to avoid the peaks, valleys, and nausea. It was a nice happy medium between the minimum and the maximum dose.


Just kidding. I personally never got any sides from HRX. YMMV.

I personally like the burping raspberry thing.

I sometimes get a little jittery when I first start taking it, but I believe that’s from the yohimbine. It’s nothing like the jitters I used to get from taking ephedra based products though and it doesn’t affect my sleep at all.

The only weird side effect I’ve noticed is that it kind of gives me the shits.

If i didnt drink i whole glass of water i got really bad heart burn and a burning feeling in my throat. Also coming off of it i got headaches but that is probably due to the lack of caffeine in my system.

raspberry burps are better than kissing fat girls and no one finding out. FTW!!

lol other than the burps, no side effects for me.

I feel no stimulant effects from HRX at all, certainly no nausea or anything to that effect. The only side effects I’ve experienced is shitting more and some foul gas.

I won’t lie, I’ve been doing my own ECA stack and get a pretty decent buzz every few doses from it. I stopped it for two days and took 2 HRX, then two more when it was time and I must say I got a just as crazy buzz as I do on the ECA. I was pretty amazed.

Sweaty palms at full dose. No other negative side effects for me.

A few days after starting another round of HOT-ROX i’ll get that warm feeling in my stomach and burp raspberry, however it goes away after a few days. Your body has to adjust to new chemicals your giving it so at first it might seem like its insane but i found the side effects subside soon after and fat loss increases if your diet is right.