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Any Hope for a Crappy Gym?

Ok here’s the scenerio. I used to work out at the Marine Gym at Cherry Point but my ID expired so I can’t go there no more. THe only gym that is remotely close is a crappy place called Snap Gym. TO me it’s more like a women’s fitness center than a gym. My biggest complaint is that they don’t even have a water fountain. I’m really annoyed because they don’t have a squat cage or a place to do deadlifts with a straight bar or even bench. The only piece of equipment they have that is remotely close is a smith machine.

I tried doing bench in the machine but was frustrated that it doesn’t go far enough down to even touch my chest but an inch or two above it. They have a dumbell set but it only goes to 100lbs. I guess I’m afraid that the sheer unmanlieness of the gym and the lack of free weights will somehow make me weaker because I’ve never been in a gym that didn’t have a place to do core exercises like squats, deadlifts, military, or bench press. THe whole thing just annoys me. Is there any hope?

Work out at home.

Yeah, you definitely need to find a new gym.

[quote]AngryVader wrote:
Yeah, you definitely need to find a new gym.[/quote]

Yeah, see that’s what I’m thinking.