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Any Holes in My Supplement Regiment?


I'm new to T-Nation and sort of new to supplementation and I wanted to get some feedback from the experience in these boards. I train for maximum athletic performance. I kickbox (Muay Thai) and grapple (BJJ and catch wrestling). I'm 6'2" 188lbs 13%BMI using the 7 point caliper test. I'm trying to burn body fat to 6-8% and maintain the mass I have. Maybe even gain some, but not too much for now because it would put me in a different weight class.

Anyways, here goes my daily stuff.

4g's vitamin C
liquid Omega 3,6,9
glucosamine, condriton with MSM
tonalin CLA, 3g's a day
liquid acai berry from Genesis Today (whole foods)

Post workout/training and sparring:

ON Gold standard 100% whey
and on days I lift, I add Xplod XL to my whey for a 30g carb boost

I'm on a 2100 cal day with a 40/40/20 ratio. I know its low, but I'm rocking about a 500 cal deficit to burn off body fat. For my training, I do 2 a days. MWF AM, I lift, PM I kickbox. TTHSat AM BJJ, PM more grappling. Sunday is a complete rest day. Friday nights I go out and mingle, no drinking though. I'm open to any and all suggestion within reason.


We use supplements as a benefit to our diet. Supplementation is also an easier behavior in many cases than obtaining the desired nutrients from actual food. As long as you are reaching your goals for nutrient intake there is no way to "have holes" in your supplemental nutrition. We may be better able to suggest how to supplement your diet if we actually new your diet exactly (like what food choices you make.) Other than that no glaring issues as far as supplements go at this point.


Personally I would swap your liquid omega to plain fish oil, or just get Flameout and ditch the CLA too.
Consider swapping your liquid acai berry for Superfood.
If consuming large amounts of protein powder you may not need extra calcium.


Just curious, why are you taking the Acai Berry?


you could probably drop the calcium. also, 4g of vit c is quite a bit... there's C in a lot of fruits and veges.


Unfortunately, I have a really hard time getting enough fruits and veggies into my diet. My parents, mostly my dad, raised me on a meat and potatoes diet. Which made me hate fruits and veggies in my adult years. Since then, I've tried to man-up and get more into me. I've been juicing my veggies and mixing them with OJ.

I've been looking at Superfood and I have mixed feelings about it since the user reviews are 50/50 at best. I take so much vit-c because it boosts immunity, of course. And since I come home beat up a lot of times, I need help to heal my bruising faster. I'm almost finished with my run of calcium. I recently broke my ribs at a grappling tournament.

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to compete in the open weight class division and wound up fighting a 320lb'er. I got the W after he broke my ribs. My doc said that the extra calcium would help get it healed faster since I have another tourney coming up next month.

I take acai for its AOX, amino acids, metabolism boost, heart health through the reduction of cholesterol, and enhancing my sleep as well. Plus there is another benefit for men that the women in my life like a whole lot. I like acai alot and I hope that when I go to Brazil in December, I can eat it fresh from the palm trees.


Do you take a general multivitamin?
also a probiotic would be a good idea...


Acai is overated.


Am I missing something here?? I haven't read one negative review.


Just exactly how much amino acids do you think you're getting from this fruit and what's the active ingredient behind it's magical metabolism boost that you wouldn't get from any other fruit?


why so much vitamin c?



Glutamic and aspartic acids constitutes its amino acids, how much of these, I'll have to do more research on if you really want to split hairs. EFA's increase your metabolism. This stuff has a good amount of 6 and 9. Not near as much as my 369 complex I take. I feel the difference if I dont take it when I'm out of town or I run out. It just makes me feel good.

thats the stuff I take. Red, have you read any reviews that weren't on this site? As I have mentioned before, vit-c helps with bruising and boosts immunity.

Oh wow, I did leave out my multi. I used to take GNC mega men performance until I learned how over priced and low quality some of their products are. Now I take BodyTech ultimate man elite.


And here is an interesting convo on Superfood.


I'm not saying I wont give it a shot, I'm just saying I'm a bit skeptical on it and wanted some more input from people who use it. Like if you skip a day, how do you feel?



That thread on BBing.com was not negative toward Superfood at all. Most of the thread was about how effectively Biotest made this products and everyone in the thread who actually used it only had good things to say about it.

It certainly was not 50/50


My question was somewhat rhetorical as there are not likely enough amino acids in this product, or any other fruit for that matter, to make a difference.

As for omega 6 fatty acids, most people get more than enough through their diets as it is. The problem seems to be that they get far to little omega 3 fatty acids in comparison.

No problem in using a product if it makes you feel better, but it's unlikely that the effect you notice is due to the reasons you give.


yea. seek out omega3's (grass fed beef and the like). you get beat up a lot so recovery matters. try 8g fish oil (i like carlsons) 2-3x/day. BCAAs help me heal also.

endurance matters -- i do a lot of anaerobic drills so i can relate to your training -- consider beta alanine. i've used purple wrath and Surge but switched over to the pills (Beta-7) recently and feel i am getting more from the extra dosing.

veggies ain't so bad. give them another try: maybe some baby carrots with some chunks of raw milk parmesan cheese, or spinach in your eggs, also vinegar and olive oil over any green makes it zesty and tasty.


I got a groundbreaking supplement stack:

Flaxseed oil
Whey protein
Gatorade powder
Milk-and-egg protein powder

No need for an MVI; I eat 10 servings of fruits and veggies per day.

No need for fish oil capsules; I eat salmon and sardines.

No need for Surge; I got whey and gatorade powder or a can of tuna and 8 to 12 oz of OJ or skim milk powder mixed in OJ.

No need for any stimulants; I get adequate sleep and a high-wired guy to begin with; two to three cups of coffee per day works fine.

I don't even consider these supplements; they're more like food.

Ain't using BCAAs; I aint gulping dozens of capsules per day.

I would use prohormones if they were still out.


so you live under a rock somewhere in new york, slammen' hardcore with some awesome gatorade and flaxseed, but how does this help the OP?


good stuff guys, I really appreciate the feedback here. My trainer has been telling me I need to up my amino acid intake. I just read an interesting article on hemp seed. It said that it contains all 20 amino acids and its rich in omega 3. Any thoughts on that? The wiki page for it suggests that its more complete in terms of amino acids as compared to flax seed and will not cause any deficiency in production of GLA. Its a tad more expensive than flax but seems like it would be better for me. Can anyone suggest and quality, yet reasonably priced month's supply of BCAA? I know I dont ask for much /sarcasm.