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Any Highly Recommended Fat Burners?


In search of a quality effective fat burner. I fell of the wagon a few months back. But I've jumped back on & have gotten some decent results. I've always had a gut no matter what I do I can never completely get rid of it. My chest is getting solid like it used to be & my arms as well, gotta love muscle memory ! But this dam gut is crazy stubborn.My work out time is crazy limited I can only manage a hour to an hour and a half. I do about 45 min of weight lifting & then about 20 min of cardio. I know it's sad but it is what it is. & now to add to my already short time frame. I've recently started a 2nd job. So now it's more like only 45min- a hour. So now I'm doing cardio e.o.d

3xa week. So I'm really needing something to help me burn those extra calories. My diet is decent mainly ground turkey,chicken breast & green veggies. I just don't have the $ to try this & that supplement. Quick stats : I'm 34YRS old 175lb 5'7. I'm pretty good with handling some of the stronger burners out there my wife would get the jitters from a lot of the sups but I've never had that problem. So please any solid suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Eat better. Fat burners are only necessary to get from lean to ripped. If you have a gut you are miles away from needing fat burners.

If your diet was really just turkey, chicken breast and green veggies you wouldn't have a gut, so that was a lie.

Eat better.


I started the diet of 6 eggs (4 whites, 2 with yokes) and a greek yogurt in the morning. Then I have prepare my lunches for the day on Sunday and Wednesday which I cook for 3 days out. I eat two lunches at work. One at 11 am and another at 2 pm. Both consist of a cup of brown rice, 1 large chicken breast grilled on the George Foreman and a cup of broccoli. Then at night I usually eat what the wife makes for dinner.

Since I started this regime about a month ago, my abs are slowing coming. I do core training maybe three times a week. Already see a 4 pack... hopefully in another month or three... a 6'er will be showing.

I also run 300mg of Cypianate and 300mg of Deca, on Mondays and Thursdays.


WTF? The guy asks for fat burner advise (which he does not need) and you give him diet tips that are working for you, but oh by the way I'm on a test/deca cycle???


Eat better? Yeah I know. Who doesn't need to eat better? & I've found fat burners to be beneficial other than just getting ripped. They're several people who take them 4 more common reasons like boosting metabalism & to assist them with burning calories all day.

Some people just need help In that area. I know there's no magic pill or anything. But I've only used 2 different kinds since I started lifting & both of them are no longer on the shelf. But that's how it goes once u find something killer, better stock up cause chances are it'll get pulled off eventually. & I wasn't lying. That is about 80% OF my diet.

Weekends are fair game. Eating out w/the kids speaks for itself. But I don't go crazy or anything. & not too mention I only get on a good day 4hrs of sleep. But being that I work 2 jobs. It is what it is. A couple of months ago I was almost 190 lb & I'm 175 now. So I feel I'm on the right track. But again seeing how my work out time is decreasing I was just hoping to find something to aid & asist me in that area.


I'm telling you, wait til you are 6 pack lean before you start using them. They work much better that way.


and dude, dropping 15lbs is doable NATURALLY in a month.