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Any Help w/ Thib Plan



Ive hit a bit of a rut in my training so im looking for a new training plan and i have 2 questions i was wondering if anyone could help.

1st question.... the other day whilst browsing i found a link to a training plan done by Christian Thibaudeau... i wrote it all down but ive lost it and now i can find the thread for the life of me..
im making my way thru all his articals but its going to take a while, so if any one knows the thread and can post it, i would be v.v.v thankfull...
The plan from what i remember was an optimal volume workout plan that incorporated about 5 supersets in each training day which consisted of 5 reps and 5 set in each exercise and was a four day a week plan.

2nd question...i would was woundering if i could get some feedback on this training plan as a bulking plan?

Overhand pull-ups - 4 S/12R

Superset 1
Clean and jerk with a front squat - 4S/10R
Weighted twisting back extensions - 4 S/12R

Seated rows - 4S/8R
Upright rows - 4S/8R
Reverse flys - 4S/8R
Dumb-bell deadlifts - 4S/12R
Core workout - 4S/12R
Weighted sit-ups - 4S/12R
Reverse crunches - 4S/8R
Hanging leg raises - 4S/8R

Flat dumb-bell press 4S/12, 8, 6, 6, 2R

Superset 1
65 degree incline EZ bar press - 4S/6R
45 degree incline flys - 4S/12R

Pull-overs - 3S/8R
Dips - 4S/3R
One arm cable rotational press - 4S/8R
Decline Russian twists - 4S/8R
Side leans - 4S/8R
10k run

Wednesday: LEGS
Farmer's walk - 4S/12R
Jump squats - 4S/8R
One legged leg press - 4S/10R
One legged leg extensions - 4S/12R
One legged squats - 4S/6R
Standing calf raises - 4S/15R
Donkey calf raises - 4S/15R

Thursday: ARMS
Underhand pull-ups - 4S/12R
Exaggerated dumb-bell curls - 4S/8R
Sumo curls - 4S/6R
Ape curls - 4S/10R

Superset 1
Overhand cable pushdowns - 4S/8R
Overhead cable press - 4S/8R
Underhand cable pushdowns - 4S/8R

Close grip bench press - 4S/12R
10k run

Dumb-bell bench press - 4S/15R
Double hand pull-overs to flat fly - 4S/6R

Superset 1
Seated chest press - 4S/10R
Press-ups till failure

Single arm peck deck - 4S/12R
Bar-bell roll-out - 4S/6R
Leg raises - 4S/6R
Weighted sit-ups - 4S/6R

Light run


thx in advance


you need a lot of help. First off bodypart splits mostly suck. Especially if your posting in the beggienrs section. You have a lot of reading to do.


Read This




And this



Hey Zephead...

thanks for the reply. i have been reading loads at tho moment, i think ive read a bit too much there is so much info on the site i seem to be more at a lost now than when i started.lol
i think i will just start again with them basics.


thanks for the post drake...

i have read them already but it prob a good idea for me too read them again and take a bit more time with it and make sure i understand it all.

again thanks for the reply